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Patch date hour and minutes in datetime column powerapps

I am confused with handling dates

I can't patch the hours and minutes in a DateTime sharepoint column

in powerapps I have a DateTimePicker for the date and 2 ComboBox for the hours and minutes

I am trying as follows


DateTimeValue (Final Date.SelectedDate & "" & Final Time.Selected.Value & ":" & MinFinal.Selected.Value)


but in the sharepoint column only the date appears the hours and minutes not

Super User
Super User


Dates are one of the most confusing topics in PowerApps in my opinion.  Therefore, you are in good company if you are having a problem with them!


Your post said you can only see the hours and minutes in your SharePoint column when using this code.  Can you please check the settings to see if its a Time only column?  This is an option in a SharePoint DateTime column.  You want a Date & Time instead.  

DateTimeValue (Final Date.SelectedDate & "" & Final Time.Selected.Value & ":" & MinFinal.Selected.Value)


I'm not too familiar with the DateTimeValue function but if you believe that's the problem you can try to Patch this value instead.

Final Date.SelectedDate + Time(Final Time.Selected.Value, MinFinal.Selected.Value, 0)


Let me know how you are doing after trying these things!


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HI @mdevaney 


thanks for answering if the dates in PowerApps are confusing

I tried the code above and the result is the same.

just show me the date

The hours and minutes are lost


Captura de Pantalla 2020-01-08 a la(s) 19.52.55.png


the column is of type DATETIME


It should look something like this: 01/15/20 10:00 AM

In the SharePoint column settings for a DateTime column you can choose either Date Only or Date & Time. Can you please ensure Date & Time is the option you have selected?

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Dual Super User
Dual Super User

1) as @mdevaney said double check that the settings on the column itself are set to show both date and time.


2) I think the formula you want for saving the value is a Text() to format the ISO DateTime String inside a DateTimeValue()


DateTimeValue(Text(Final Date.SelectedDate & "" & Final Time.Selected.Value & ":" & MinFinal.Selected.Value,DateTimeFormat.LongDateTime))



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Thanks for posting a picture. I wanted to do that too but it’s not possible from a mobile phone 😞

Thanks for the help @mdevaney  @Pstork1 


the column if it is in the configuration that tells me Date and time

Something strange happened but it worked for me.

since the value of the date has it but in the column it does not show it only shows 1/9/2020

but its value is

2020-01-10T06: 00: 00Z


I used this formula



    DateTimeValue (
        Text (
            DateEnd.SelectedDate + Time (TimeValue (TimeEnd.Selected.Value), TimeValue (MinEnd.Selected.Value), 0),



Value in variable in Flow



In column of ShrePoint








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