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Patch function adding new unwanted records



So I am working on an app that "OnChange" of a particular input on the gallery it will select the parent gallery which has the following parent gallery which has the follow parent code:


Patch(colLots, ThisItem,

LabID0: LookUp(colLabs, Labs = LotEdit_Labs.Selected.Labs, LabID) ,
SectionID0: LookUp(colSections, Sections = LotEdit_Section.Selected.Sections, SectionID),
SubSectionID: LookUp(colSubSections, SubSection = LotEdit_SubSection.Selected.SubSection, SubSectionID),
ItemID: varThisItem.ItemID,
LotNumber: LotEdit_LotNo.Text,
Expiration: LotEdit_Exp.Value,
QTY: Value(LotEdit_QTY.Text),
Active: LotEdit_ActiveStatus.Checked,
Preview: LotEdit_PreviewStatus.Checked,
StorageID0: LookUp(colStorage, StorageLocation = LotEdit_Storage.Selected.StorageLocation, StorageID)



However, I am noticing that when I change the input on an existing record it will change the current record, but also duplicate and add another record as well. Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't the only record being change be "ThisItem" only? Also, this happens intermittently! And is not consistent so it's nearly impossible for me to pinpoint the cause. Sometimes it will work perfectly fine and sometimes it will decide to just add a new unwanted record...


Thanks in advanced!

Super User
Super User

Hi @vquangle ,


You will still have to link ThisItem to the item in your datasource


          LookUp(colLots, 'Unique Identifier Column' = ThisItem.'Unique Identifier Column'),




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Resolver III
Resolver III

Hi @vquangle 


Run the app in the editor (play from the editor basically), and use the monitor to see what are all the updates happening to your collection. Monitor is the big help for me in many of the scenarios like this.


Thank you


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