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Patch the same data source as in Forall loop, does not work



I search the forum and found an answer ( to my issue but it does not work. So here is my problem:

I have a collection with some records. I want to loop through it and Patch or UpdateIf a column within the same collection.

Or in other words. I want to loop through each record and want to change the status to "ok" 


ForAll( myCollection,
Patch( myCollection, LookUp(myCollection, ID= 10 ),
{ status : ok })

I always get the error:
the function cannot operate on the same datasource that is used in Forall


What I'm doing wrong ?


Thanks guys



So, the very easy solution is this...use a table-returning function!


It is little realized, but functions like Filter, AddColumns, RenameColumns, ShowColumns, etc. all return a NEW table of records.

So (and this is something you will run into anyway) the best choice is to rename the ID column (assuming you have one - if not, then some identifying unique column).


So, if you do:

    RenameColumns(myCollection, ID, "rowID"),

    <do your SQL patches here>

    UpdateIf(myCollection, ID=rowID, {status:"ok"})


Then the ForAll is working on a "copied" table of your original myCollection - and in this case the ID column is renamed to rowID (this is helpful in the UpdateIf function for disambiguation).


Or, to take it a step further, as you'll likely want to only "ForAll" on the records that need to be updated, then this:

    RenameColumns(Filter(myCollection, status<>"ok"), ID, "rowID"),

    <do your SQL patches here>

    UpdateIf(myCollection, ID=rowID, {status:"ok"})


 With a filter!


All the above will let you modify the myCollection collection because, in reality, the ForLoop is NOT based on it any longer.


I hope that is clear.

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Wow, thanks Randy for the great solution and explanation. 

Just tried it out and worked like a charm !

And thanks for taking your time to help me out 😉


@eka24 Also thanks for your help and quick reply




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