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Patching a SharePoint List from a Collection

I have a canvas new-employee on-boarding checklist app connected to three SharePoint lists: Employees, Checklist, and Responses.



The Process:
1. The supervisor or the on-boarder clicks an employee's name in GalleryEmployees on Screen1 and navigates to Screen2, which displays GalleryChecklist
2. GalleryChecklist is filtered to display the checklist items for the logged-in user
3. The supervisor or the on-boarder chooses "Yes" or "No" in Dropdown1 for each checklist item and clicks the "Save" icon
4. The "Save" icon patches the "Yes/No" values to the Responses SharePoint list for the selected employee



The Structure:

App > OnStart:

// Store checklist items from Checklist SharePoint list
Set(colChecklistList, Checklist);

Screen1 > GalleryEmployees > Items:

// Display the list of employees from the Employees SharePoint list

GalleryEmployees > Icon > OnSelect:

// Store the selected employee's record
Set(varEmployee, ThisItem); Navigate(Screen2)

Screen2 > OnVisible:

// Add an "Answer" column to the collection to store the "Yes/No" value from Dropdown1
ClearCollect(colChecklist, AddColumns(ShowColumns(colChecklistList, "ID", "Title", "Category"), "Answer", "No"));

GalleryChecklist > Items:

// Filter gallery to only show checklist items based on the current user's role (either supervisor or on-boarder from Employees list)
If(varEmployee.Supervisor.Email = User().Email, Filter(colChecklist, Category.Value = "Supervisor"),
If(varEmployee.Onboarder.Email = User().Email, Filter(colChecklist, Category.Value = "Onboarder")))

GalleryChecklist > Dropdown1 > OnChange:

// Store "Yes/No" value in the collection based on Dropdown1's selection
Patch(colChecklist, ThisItem, {Answer: Dropdown1.Selected.Value})

GalleryChecklist > Dropdown1 > Default:


Screen2 > Save Icon > OnSelect:

// Upon saving, patch Responses SharePoint list with "Yes/No" values for selected employee
ForAll(Filter(colChecklist, Category.Value = "Supervisor"), If(Dropdown1.Selected.Value = "Yes",
Patch(Responses, {Title: Answer, ChecklistID: ID, EmployeesID:varEmployee.ID})));



My Questions:

1. Upon saving, how can I patch the "Yes" or "No" values to the Responses list for the selected employee (varEmployee)?

(My current approach adds a new list item (row) each time I click "Save". I'd like to update values if they already exist.)


2. If an employee has stored values in the Responses list, how do I retrieve those values and display them in GalleryChecklist?



Nice work mate. You got this setup fairly quickly, I'm impressed! All the best with the rest of your app development.

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