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Pen Input on a multi page form

I am creating a multi page Canvas app utilizing 1 sharepoint list broken up into multiple forms throughout the app.


These are connected with a variable and will be submitted using the patch function:


Patch('Performance Review',Defaults('Performance Review'),'Form 1'.Updates,'Form 2'.Updates,'Form 3'.Updates,'Form 4'.Updates,'Form 5'.Updates)


I would like to add a pen input so that the person completing the form can sign and date.


To do this, the current setup I have is a multi line field in my sharepoint list. The field was entered into my form, text box deleted, pen input control added in its place, updated the input control to Peninput1. I also intend on using Set(sigblob,JSON(Peninput1.Image,IncludeBinaryData)) on a submit button and adding that variable into the data card holding the pen input in the update control.


Ultimately, when submitting, I would like to see the form field information and the binary data of the pen input to submit into the sharepoint list as 1 submission.


I have done this multiple times on single page canvas apps by using: 





This has worked flawlessly. However, if I try to follow the same format with the patch command necessary for the multi page canvas app:



Set(sigblob,JSON(Peninput1.Image,IncludeBinaryData));Patch('Performance Review',Defaults('Performance Review'),'Form 1'.Updates,'Form 2'.Updates,'Form 3'.Updates,'Form 4'.Updates,'Form 5'.Updates)


the form data is submitting to the sharepoint list, and the binary data from the json function is not, it is just blank in that field.


What am I doing wrong? Is there a different way I should be writing this?


Additional Note: The submit button with the final code, (json and patch) is on the same page / form as the pen input


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Super User


I would first recommend that you not use a Patch function to submit a form.  This completely wastes all of the functionality of the form - which is one of the biggest benefits of using a form.

To split your forms properly and not lose the functionality, take a look over this video on doing it properly.


That said, your actual issue sounds like your Update property of the data card for the column that gets the image.  It should be the variable that you are setting the JSON to.  I would check that and try to use a proper form split so that you can use the form as it was intended and stick with the SubmitForm function.


I hope this is helpful for you.

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