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People picker unable to show staff in another region network but work with my computer on another network.

Hi all,


I'm currently experience below issue that I need your help with.



I've built an power apps that run approval flow for Japan team,

which connected to data source with field headers in renamed from English to Japanese to suit Japan team business need.


within this customized form,

I've people pickers put in which the field name are in Japanese.


in these people pickers,

I've set the default selected item at the people picker combobox:

{DisplayName: "username1", Claims: "i:0#.f|membership|" & Lower("")}



when I run this on my computer,

the people picker works fine & show the company staff list.



when my Japan biz team within Japan network,

the people picker unable to load up staff list.

the people picker behavior simply has no response nor show drop down when user type in user name.


PA-PeopleIssue-picker_Issue Screen Cap.PNG




Additional info:

it happened before and I managed to fix it,


this is the code within the people picker "items" property



previous way of fixing

1) change value from within "Choice" from japan_field_name to eng_field_name

2) remove the field & add from Sharepoint again.


much appreciate if you can help resolve my question.




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Davis_NEC :

Could you tell me:

Does the Japanese team use different data sources when using the app?For exaple:

  • User in the English environmentthe use the list named list1 whose filed name is in English.  
  • User in the Jepenese environmentthe use the list named list1 whose filed name is in Jepenese. 

Whether users in different regions use the same form control to edit records?

If my guess is correct, doing so may cause the app to fail to recognize the data source and field names.

In order to improve this situation, I suggest you use List in English environment.At the same time, in order to improve the user experience of Japanese users, I suggest:

1\Add a field in the data source to distinguish records in different locales.And then display the corresponding record to him according to the area where the current user is located

2\Use the Language() function to detect the current user's language environment.

3\Use a similar code to replace the promotion text in the data card:





This solution can ensure that your app uses English in the design logic (to ensure stable operation of the program), while the UI is still friendly to users who use Japanese.

In addition,there is another solution(I think this method is easier to implement):

  • Create two screens, one in English and one in Japanese.
  • When the user navigates to this screen, use User().Email to determine the user's team and navigate to different screens.

Best Regards,


Hi bof,


much appreciate for your sharing.


allow me to answer your question 1st b4 filling in more background info:


1) Does the Japanese team use different data sources when using the app:

nope, same data source that current sit inside Japan network.


2) Whether users in different regions use the same form control to edit records:

yes, as I'm in different region with Japan team, which I build this whole form/flow within my region.

Having said that,

I did try to edit the form with remote to a machine at Japan region, of which the issue still exists.


Additional background info of this approval tools:


- the data source is from Sharepoint site List within Japan network.

- all field name was initially English when I 1st create them, then biz asked to change to Japanese.

- as user will export the Sharepoint List into excel for analyst, this customized form current serves as data entry, as well as user friendly view form.

- these people picker fields are used as recipient for the email notification that approval flow at different status, which the MS flow monitor the same Sharepoint List.


I like your suggestion alot,

plus I've pick up new functions that I'm not aware before, thanks.


I did thought about change the form display title with Japanese & data source field in English,


I'll need to remain the data source field name in Japan as much as possible unless there is no other way,

since Japan team will export from the Sharepoint List for further data analysis.



much appreciate again for your sharing again,

looking forward for more recommendation.




Hi @Davis_NEC :

Let me summarize your needs, if there is an error please help me point it out:

  • At present, both English-speaking users and Japanese-speaking users use the same data source.
  • It turned out that the field name of this data source was in English, but later changed to Japanese.
  • This App is developed based on the original English data source.
  • After you changed the data source to Japanese, an error occurred in the app.
  • When you change "eng_field_name" to "japan_field_name" in the app, the app can work normally.

I think your method is good enough to solve this problem and if you have an English-speaking user, you can try the method I said to improve their experience.

Best Regards,


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