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Helper I
Helper I

Performance Issue - Loading Screens with Form

Hey everyone,

I'm searching the Internet for a long time now to solve my problem and decided to ask my question here.

I have performance issues when it comes to navigating to new screens, which contain forms. Let me briefly explain my App:

  • I have a Home Screen, which contains some galleries showing existing records (that is records which have been captured already by the user and by means of the App). Those galleries are directly connected to Sharepoint Lists and pull data from there based on a Status column (so it shows all records which have the status "edit" or "new" > this is typically not more than 15 records)
  • OnSelect of a Button, the User gets to a Transition Screen, where he picks a records from a Gallery. This Record will serve as the "header" of the new Record and will prefill some hidden fields in the subsequent Screen/NewForm.
  • On the New Screen the user creates a new record. This New Screen contains a component which summarizes a some basic information (the header > Date, Order Number etc.) and a Form Control. The Form Control has about 40 Datacards. Around 20 of them are hidden (prefilled by the header information), so the user has to fill in the remaining 20 Datacards. This Datacards contain dropdowns, comboboxes and radio buttons (this is the majority). On Submit the form is submitted.
  • The Loading Time from the Transition Screen to the New Screen takes about 15-20 seconds
  • Here is what I did already to improve Performance:
    • I removed all references to other Screens. So the header information (the one selected Record) is stored in a collection and prefills the new form.
    • The SharePoint List has no choices columns to prevent data source calls while creating the form control
    • I use SharePoint as the data source because it is generally faster than sql for instance
    • I get no Perfomrance Warnings except one regarding to many controls on the Home Screen
    • I don't want to store the new records in collections, because the app will be used on tables in a factory and will be used by several people at a time. So I want to avoid data loss and different Information on different devices.
    • the device is a windows zebra tablet

Does anybody has an idea?

I additionally noticed a hugh difference between playing the app in the browser vs. playing it via Microsoft Power Apps App. Playing it with Microsoft Power Apps App is generally slow in comparison to playing it in the browser - why could that be?


Thanks in advance


Helper I
Helper I

Can anyone help me out? 🙂

I'm glad about any idea ...

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