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Photo upload - Sharepoint List/Powerapp


I've set up a powerapp, against a sharepoint list. When inputting the data into the app, the data successfully stores in the sharepoint list.

However, one of the columns I set up on the Sharepoint list is a 'Picture Column' (please see images below).


Is it possible to take photgraphs on a powerapp, which then uploads to a sharepoint list?

Am I on the right lines by setting up a picture column?


Anyone got any advice on how this could work?



pic 1.pngpic 2.png

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This is how the photo section looks in edit mode. Evidence is where I want the photo section would be.


Same questions ! any solution?

Here is a video by Paul O'Flaherty and in the video he uses Flow with his PowerApp to take the image captured in PowerApps and convert it to a format SharePoint recognizes and adds it to SharePoint. You might find his solution useful in solving your issue.


PowerApps: Take a Photo, add metadata and upload to SharePoint Doc Library

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similar question but I don't want the app to take the picture, I want to select a photo from my PC/phone to upload.  I used the add picture button to select the picture and then I'm trying to make an upload button that will save it to the SharePoint list.  I've tried following Paul's video which is helpful but it only explains how to do it when taking a picture.  Here's my app and the text I've tried using for the button.  

Attempted: Patch('Truck Inventory', BrowseGallery1.Selected,{Item_Pic:AddMediaButton4})

Attempted: Patch('Truck Inventory',Defaults('Truck Inventory'), BrowseGallery1.Selected,{Item_Pic:AddMediaButton4})

Attempted: Patch('Truck Inventory',Defaults('Truck Inventory'), {Title: Item_x0020__x0028_CIMs_x0029__x0_DataCard2.DisplayName,Item_Pic:AddMediaButton4})


I got it to work briefly yesterday but it wasn't uploading the photos in the right format so it wouldn't load outside my PC. I changed things to try to get it to load right and now can't remember what I had in the field that made it work. 

Has anyone gotten this to work?  I have tried using the information in the below blog...and it works for a few minutes but then does not work anymore...the flow does not trigger.  Also it will only allow me to upload jpg and I don't want to have to restrict what is being uploaded.


Would I be better off trying to recreate the file content?


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