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Helper IV
Helper IV

Play audio file on timer end

This should be simple, right? OnTimerEnd = (name of audio file). Not happenin. I have the timer set as a countdown timer: Text = Text(Time(0, 0, (Timer2.Duration-Timer2.Value)/1000), "[$-en-US]mm:ss.f") Not sure if that makes a difference but when it hits 0:00, nothing happens.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @hughrmarks,

If I understand correctly, you want audio to play upon a timer ending.


You are on the right track. There's a few things to understand to proceed:

  • audio needs to be played from an audio control
  • as PowerApps is like Excel in being a more declarative language, you cannot directly tell things what to do.


Here's a way you can set this up:

Insert these controls:

  • Timer2: this is your countdown timer
  • Audio1: this is an audio playing control

Setup these properties




The big idea:

Timer2 ends -> triggers a variable true -> when variable is true, then Audio plays -> when audio is done, it returns variable to false


Please let me know if this helps. Attached is an app file in a zip that illustrates this.


Mr. Dang



Microsoft Employee

Hey @mr-dang

I want to build a pomodoro-app, where the audio should play after the countdown is finished, but with the app-screen bot being open (because I'm working on sth else instead). Haven't found a way yet.


Any ideas if/how this is this possible?


@Imke , by default the timer and audio controls have an AutoPause property that is set to true. This means that when the screen is not active, the controls will pause. If you flip that to false, then they can continue going.


Can you flip it to false and let me know if it works out for you?

Thank you @Mr-Dang-MSFT  for quick response, but this doesn't work unfortunately. 

The Auto-Pause settings don't seem to have any effect on this behaviour.


There is even an idea for this "feature", but I see it more as a current bug:


Ahh to clarify, you want it to continue when the entire app is not in view in the browser/app.

Yes, that's correct.
Advocate III
Advocate III

Hi @Mr-Dang-MSFT ,

do you think there is a chance to make this working?

Thanks and cheers,


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