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Playing embedded YouTube videos from link in Excel

It would be helpful to be able to use the multimedia player to view videos from YouTube URLs.

I have my gallery on Screen 1 that’s linked to product pages on Screen 2. On Screen 2, we want to have videos specific to each product, which Screen 2 will adapt to reflect the product selected from the gallery on Screen 1.

The YouTube links for each product are in my Excel doc but they don't work with the media player, so I'm stuck with the same video on every different Screen 2 product page.


Sorry for any inconvenience.  We are rushing a fix for this issue.

The fix has been deployed and it should be working for you now after republishing the app.

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Thanks, that's fixed the problem.

Hello there, I have a quick question?


I was wondering if you could help me with this issue? my app works great in my PC, playing videos from my youtube video URL path, but once I open it in my ipad or iphone I can not play the same videos.


Any idea?


Thanks in advance for your response.



What is the behavior you get on iPad/iPhone?  Any errors?  Did you re-save and re-publish your app after we pushed out the fix?

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Make sure you copy the URL from the address bar, not the "Share" link under the video, it should look something like this:



The "Share" link is missing the "watch" part of the URL  (  and this doesn't seem to work.


Hope that helps.

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Yes, it did work, thanks for the fix.

Thank you very much, after republish the app it works on iphone which is currenlty under the latest IOS version, on my iPad didn't work, I got a blanck screen I guss because this is an older IOS version?

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I don't have an iPad so I'm not sure to be honest but that does sound like a possibility - can you update your iPad?  Otherwise someone from PowerApps may have a better answer.

No I can't, an unfortunatelly this model can not be updated. 


Thanks for your help!



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