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Please don't take away classic rendering!

The new rendering approach has been a bad experience for me from the start, and hasn't improved.


This is largely because my app is a little complex and makes a lot of use of auto-height, with elements within a gallery which size and resize according to the contents as some are hidden or shown.


I'm also seeing different behaviours across different browsers, and mobile. For example in Chrome my autoheight labels don't expand, they just show about 5 pixels worth of height - the tops of letters. The same is true when running the PowerApp on my phone using the client app, yet using Edge it renders as expected.


As well as the display issues there are also massive performance issues. Again, this might be due to the particulars of my apps - I know that simpler apps I've developed work better in the new rendering engine. But the app I'm worried about is slow in the new engine - any click that results in a UI change, and even scrolling, feels like wading through thick mud.


Conversely the classic engine runs the same app perfectly smoothly.


What are the timescales for removal of the classic engine?


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The new rendering also creates an issue where if i click on a button to navigate to a new screen and click the back button it will go to the top of the form. Turning the new rendering off seems to have fix the issue. 


Please MS do not take away the classic rendering mode until the issue with new rendering is resolved as it makes the app almost unbearable. 



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At the end of last week, we released a number of fixes to improved rendering issues. Please try re-publishing your apps with improved rendering and let us know what, if any, issues you still face.


We continue to focus on resolving these problems. Really appreciate everyone's help and patience with this!


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Kudo Kingpin

I've just spent hours tweaking my app to try and avoid some of the responsive UI elements and actions, trying to work with the improved rendering turned on.


On publishing the app it's just terrible. Even scrolling is slow and 'jumpy', you scroll down and it changes scrolling-speed, sometimes a line, sometimes more, then less, but then it jumps back up. If you scroll down quickly it prompts PowerApps to load more data into the gallery and then jumps up and down again. You end up having no idea where you are in the list.


In my gallery items you can click on them to expand to see more detail about that item in the same view. With improved rendering turned on, it takes about half a second for the item to expand.


I went back to classic rendering and everything is fast and responsive again. Scrolls smoothly, button presses take immediate effect.


If I published the version with 'improved' rendering I would lose my userbase overnight.

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Agree - i am having issues with iOS specifically, where icons are out of place and a gallery cannot be scrolled


Dont turn it off MS

Agreed, please don't turn it off! Scrolling on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is only possible with classic rendering on.

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And another thing - rendering also affects the data source field ordering of cards with formulas against the Visable property.


If cards are hidden based on the property of another data card - its impossible to re-order them in the form with this turned on


MS needs some real re-consideration of this feature...

An update on the issues mentioned in this thread:

The "auto-height" issues in "improved rendering mode" should be resolved in the 3.18105.10 version. The scrolling issues have been addressed and I hope the fix will be available in the same version.

In regards to the card re-arranigng, please note that the cards can be re-arranged from the field configuration panel.  

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I found that on iOS devices, if there is another control that the user can use before scrolling (like a drop down menu or something), the scrolling will magically work again. When there is only a gallery with scrolling iOS users cannot scroll.

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Power Apps

Rest assured we will not remove classic rendering until known problems with improved rendering are resolved. And thank you for describing just what those problems are for you! Please do keep that information coming and we will focus on resolving the issues.


Like Dinu mentioned, the fix for auto-height is coming. We also have a fix coming in the next couple of weeks for the Gallery scrolling problems on Edge. Further scrolling fixes and performance improvements are in the works.


What other blockers are you encountering out there? Please do keep the feedback coming. We want to ensure that "improved app rendering" is a real improvement for everyone. We know we will get there. Thank you all for your patience with this!


I'm going to throw some input in as well.

We use a Citrix virtual desktop environment along with newer HP Thin Clients for our users. We are running the app on Google Chrome.


So far Powerapps runs very smoothly in Classic Mode, but as soon as the Improved App Rendering is swtiched on, the app slows to a crawl. 


As stated elsewhere, this could be due to the size of our app, but it has become a "Mission Critical" application for our company. If this feature rolls out as is, we would not be able to function correctly.


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I agree! I am having issues with Gallery controls not displaying items. Turning on classic mode was the go to start of troubleshooting.

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