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Please don't take away classic rendering!

The new rendering approach has been a bad experience for me from the start, and hasn't improved.


This is largely because my app is a little complex and makes a lot of use of auto-height, with elements within a gallery which size and resize according to the contents as some are hidden or shown.


I'm also seeing different behaviours across different browsers, and mobile. For example in Chrome my autoheight labels don't expand, they just show about 5 pixels worth of height - the tops of letters. The same is true when running the PowerApp on my phone using the client app, yet using Edge it renders as expected.


As well as the display issues there are also massive performance issues. Again, this might be due to the particulars of my apps - I know that simpler apps I've developed work better in the new rendering engine. But the app I'm worried about is slow in the new engine - any click that results in a UI change, and even scrolling, feels like wading through thick mud.


Conversely the classic engine runs the same app perfectly smoothly.


What are the timescales for removal of the classic engine?

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The new rendering also creates an issue where if i click on a button to navigate to a new screen and click the back button it will go to the top of the form. Turning the new rendering off seems to have fix the issue. 


Please MS do not take away the classic rendering mode until the issue with new rendering is resolved as it makes the app almost unbearable. 



At the end of last week, we released a number of fixes to improved rendering issues. Please try re-publishing your apps with improved rendering and let us know what, if any, issues you still face.


We continue to focus on resolving these problems. Really appreciate everyone's help and patience with this!


My app for one is really smooth now, just as it was in classic! Really, really chuffed! Keep up the amazing work team!

The new rendering still does not work for my app, everytime user fill out the form it will jump to the very top of the app.

Constant scrolling for user to continue with the form filling is massive nuisance.  Classic still work perfectly.

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the same here, the key is the app speed, if MS could not bring rendering mode the same fast as classic mode, no matter how many issue get solved in rendering mode,  we still prefer to stay in classic mode. 


please find out why for large side app, rendering mode has such noticable slow down performance compare to classic mode. 

Hi all,


We are continually working on making "improved app rendering" faster. You will see improvements over the next few weeks, with some Gallery control optimizations going out this week.


Apps using "classic" rendering will continue to be supported for at least the next 6 months, including editing and re-publishing them. This should give us time to improve things further and ensure that the new rendering stack is really an improvement for everyone.


Though we have only begun to reap the benefits, improved app rendering will enable us to unlock a lot more performance improvements in the long run, and we will continue to invest there. It is a priority for us.


Thank you all for your feedback and please keep it coming!


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OnVisible and other event handlers do not work as expected in Improved rendering mode. For instance I add PowerApp to replace SharePoint list default form. When I create new Item, form is displayed, then if I click cancel (form closes) and press New Item again, no events are fired (OnVisible, Onchange, etc). This is well documented within this forum with many other examples as well.

After turning off Improved rendering, all works as expected.


Please do not remove Classic rendering without fixing these issues!!



If you want to do an action when a new item is created, use SharePointIntegration.OnNew instead of Screen.OnVisible.


Screen.OnVisible is fired only when the user navigates to a different screen or if it is the first time the screen is visible. Creating a new item, cancelling, and creating another new item will still show the same screen. Classic rendering mode just happens to fire Screen.OnVisible, but this is just an internal implementation quirk.

I also have issues with the Improved Rendering. 

Live Preview works perfectly.

When I published using improved rendering, the data in my collection doesn't display in my gallery until I navigate away from the screen and back again. 
I also have issues in improved rendering with sending a flow email from email addresses entered into a text box in my app. 
I rebuilt my app from scratch, and found out that it was actually improved rendering causing these issues.

Improved rendering definitely has some weird behaviour with galleries and collections. (My app is quite complex and only Classic Rendering works with it). 

@RossBroadley We hotfixed an issue late last week due to gallery rendering issues.  Does your app still exhibit these issues when published in the lastest Studio version?

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