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Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

!!~Please help ASAP~!! Korean dates not working

We have released an app for use world wide by people in our organziation.  A large part of our app has to do with dates and displayed on not displayed things based on what the date/time is.  I am comparing the local phone date/time to the dates/times from a DB, while using a timeZoneOffset() to get to UTC time.  Our app works great for US, China, UK, etc.


Our Korean users apps are not functioning properly at all when it comes to dates/times.  The in app calendar is display September ( its October 20th).  Their calendar on their phone is displaying the correct date.  


As this bug is only happening to users in Korea and not in any other region, it makes me wonder if its something specific to the way Korean phones intereact with PowerApps in terms of Dates.  Can anyone provide some insight?


Thank you!

Resolver II
Resolver II

Re: !!~Please help ASAP~!! Korean dates not working

Hi @samuelJ


Data is always a tough part when comes to PowerApps because the in-built datapicker is written in US format.

Namely: mm-dd-yyyy.


So, even if you Text(Today(), "dd-mm-yyyy"), it is only for DISPLAY. Eventually, when you save and display again, it will still treat it as "save as US format, and convert back to Asia format, and you will get -12 for extra one year, and so).


I am not sure how do you format your date.

If you look ar my post sine 2013 until now, I have successfully overcome the problem by
1. Use Text(Today(). "dd, mmm, yyyy"). It means it will show in 21, Oct 2018. Never use dd-mm-yyyy. It confused PowerApps. It is my experience for 3 years in Powerapps

2. So when date in Alphabet,any handphone date setting will not override.

(Your problem = my problem in 2013, and I found workaround).


Please consider NEVER use dd-mm-yyyy, just my advice.


Hope you enjoy reading my sharing and have a nice day.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Re: !!~Please help ASAP~!! Korean dates not working

Hello @PK_Hong,


This is the code we are using:

Text( DateAdd(DateValue(txtDayOneDate.Text), VarCurrentDay, Days), "[$-en-US]ddd, mmm dd")

Where VarCurrentDay is an integer value.  We have a left and right arrow to increement/decrement the day by one.  txtDayOneDate is the string literal "10/21/18".  So I think we are using the roughly the same format.  I tried messing around txtDayOneDate value but still could not acheive what we wanted.  The users phone still read september dates.  


We also tried hard coding, please see below code:

If(varForKoreanUsers = 0, Text(DateValue("10/21/2018"), "[$-en-US]ddd, mmm dd"), If(varForKoreanUsers = 1, Text(DateValue("10/22/2018"), "[$-en-US]ddd, mmm dd"), If(varForKoreanUsers = 2, Text(DateValue("10/23/2018"), "[$-en-US]ddd, mmm dd"), If(varForKoreanUsers = 3, Text(DateValue("10/24/2018"), "[$-en-US]ddd, mmm dd"), Text(DateValue("10/25/2018"), "[$-en-US]ddd, mmm dd")))))

The users phones still out put Text(DateValue("10/21/2018"), "[$-en-US]ddd, mmm dd") as a september date.  


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