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Advocate III

Possible bug with Gallery reading properties of controls within


Having trouble getting a nested gallery to read properties of its controls within.  Anyone know if this is a bug/by design/user error?


To expand, I have a gallery (Main_Gallery) with a gallery (Sub_Gallery) inside it.  

I'm trying to get the Sub Gallery to dynamically wrap depending on the width of the text labels (eg SG_TextLbl) within, but the Gallery is unable to read the width/height/text properties of those items.  Even if I simply put 

Sub_Gallery.Height = SG_TextLbl.Height

The formula results preview then displays "SG_TextLbl.Height =   |  Data Type: Number" and the gallery has 0 height.

Even tried setting the .Text value of SG_TextLbl to it's own height, Gallery couldn't read that either.

Super User
Super User

Hi @Slaverty ,

May be a silly question, but are you using a standard gallery or a Flexible Height item?

If the standard item, here is a video on creating Flexible Height items.


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I thought the "Flexible" in "Flexible Height Gallery" relates only to flexible template sizes, rather than the size of the whole gallery?


In any case, I created 2 new flexible height galleries containing just a single Label each, one gallery nested within the other.  The results lead me to believe this is a bug.  Initially, the parent gallery could read the label's width, but not the height, both were defined absolutely (70 and 50 respectively). 

I then tried replacing the labels width and height with formulas, after which the gallery couldn't read either. 

I then put the label's width and height back to defined values (70 and 50 respectively), but the parent Gallery was still unable to read either.

I then checked some other properties, seeing what the gallery could read, and it read the Padding, LineHeight, Size, BorderThickness properties fine, so I switched back to Width and now that worked again, but height still isn't.



After a little more playing around, discovered something even weirder.  

If Label.Height = 70,

And Label.Width = Label.Height,

And Gallery.Height = Label.Width

Gallery.Height becomes 0, formula preview indicated "Label.Width =  |  Data Type: Number"


If Label.Width = 70,

And Label.Height = Label.Width,

And Gallery.Height = Label.Height

Gallery.Height now = 70.

So definitely something weird going on with the parent gallery reading the child's height property

Super User
Super User

Hi @Slaverty ,

Yes you are right about the template in these galleries.
I am not sure if this helps, but I can share some experience I have had on “cascading” dependencies of control values, mine were about colour attributes, but the principle is the same.

Once I got beyond three levels and did a variable-driven change, it did not always reach the “end of the line”. You are taking about a different component of course, but it has more work, moving things around the screen. 
I recently watched a couple of good videos on your subject from Paul O’Flaherty

Group by and flexible height

Expand and collapse

You might find a solution in these.


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Thanks @WarrenBelz, that's some very useful info. I'll give those vids a watch too for sure. I did also wonder if it had something to do with the fact that I was referencing a gallery controls height, a gallery control which obviously had many occurrences, and so maybe the gallery had no idea which label instance's height to choose from?

I did manage to implement a workaround though, albeit a bit of a dirty one. Basically put a timer in the gallery, timer starts when visible, has a timer value of 0ms, and when complete, fires the label's width into a variable. Gallery then works off variable. It's not pretty but does the job

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