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Possible to create a single app for mobile and tablet/desktop?

I am working on a phone layout app that I would like to optimize for tablet or desktop use. I suppose I can create a new app with a tablet layout, but I was wondering: is there is a way to use a single app that would display the correct “screen” for each device?

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Hi @JWB thank you for your post. This has been sent to the Product Team to add this functionality to PowerApps. For now, you can post this to the New Ideas board as well - 



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Power Apps
Power Apps

This is currently not possible in the current version of PowerApps. To support multiple apps one must create multiple apps to support each "screen."

This would be a HUGE win for PowerApps in my opinion. 

As an interim you might make it possible to change the layout for an app so that we could build an app for one layout, save it off as a copy and then change the layout so that we didnt have to rebuild everything.

Brian Kennemer
Projectified Consulting

Changing the layout of an app is actually possible already Smiley Happy


If you go to app settings you can do just that:


Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 8.53.45 AM.png


It also looks like we added "lock aspect ratio" and "lock orientation." With these toggles it should actually be possible to create a responsive app by using formulas for the placement and size of controls.


I'll work on creating a blog post on how to do just that and will reply back to this thread once I have a complete walkthrough.

Im realtively new to hte community so maybe Im just missing it but where do you change the layout from phone to tablet or from tablet to phone?

Brian Kennemer
Projectified Consulting

Ah, I think I misunderstood your original question. The solution I provided merely allows you to switch from landscape to portrait orientation. You're correct that we do not currently provide a means to switch from a phone layout to a tablet layout. I'll work with the product team to see if we can get something like that added.


In the meantime, the tablet layout provides many more aspect ratios (as seen below). Most notably, it includes a 16:9 aspect ratio option which is the same aspect ratio as the phone layout, so you should be able to use it to convert a tablet app into a "phone" app by simply changing the orientation to portrait and setting the aspect ratio to 16:9.


Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 9.20.01 AM.png

Ah OK. 

It would be a huge win to have one app with multiple layouts (desktop, tablet, phone) and be able to use the same controls you have configured on one in another layout. Nintex forms allows for this and it is a great option.


An interim step would be allowing a quick copy of an app and then change the layout so you could have a phone version and a tablet version without having to recreate everything by hand. 🙂

Thanks! 🙂

Brian Kennemer
Projectified Consulting

How to decide which layout to launch?

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This will be a key differentator for us to adopt powerapps as a corporate platform to digitize our forms. Ideally we would like one soul which confirms to different bodies 🙂


How far is the product team in doing something about it (responsive layouts with breakpoints based on the aspect ratio) ?



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What would be  good would be to have a way of querying the app for the dpi of the display and the resolution.  We could then use this to layout screen programatically.  I've just noticed the App function doesnt seem to be there anymore in my testing, which would have been an ideal place to put this information


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