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Power App and New Version


I updated the Power Apps builder version on a couple of my apps.  But now I'm getting an irritating result when I try to launch the apps.

First when loading it pops up and asks if I want to Open with new version, I click yes to that.

Then asks if I want to leave site, click leave

Then it spins some more and another popup which looks similar to the first pops up, this time titles "Saved with newer version", I click yes to open with new version.

Then it will usually say it is locked, do you want to override, which I say yes to and it then just says "Getting things ready" and sits there spining for hours or until I refresh the browser page...

But when I refresh the browser page..

it sits there sayign "Getting things ready".. or loading... but after a few minutes it actually loads into the editor.


This is getting to be extremely annoying.


It says that it saved the newer version.. so I dont understand why I have to go through this each time.

Is there a way to get this to stop?





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Super User
Super User

Hi @Mattw112IG ,

I have a blog on changing the Authoring version of an app - see if that helps.


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Visit my blog Practical Power Apps

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Thanks for taking the time to post that, but I've gone through what you wrote several times and still isn't helping... it always gets to the part that says "Getting things ready" and then never changes. 


Here's what I did today:


  1. Created brand new Power App - canvas.
  2. Did not add anything to it.
  3. But did save it.
  4. Went to settings, the version was old, changed to latest
  5. Clicked reload and Apply
  6. I was not prompted to save or don't save but I was prompted to leave site, I agreed.
  7. When it came back up it just said "Getting things ready"
  8. I let it sit for 15 min, no change, just spining
  9. I clicked refresh in the browser
  10. App loaded.
  11. Went to settings it was the old version.
  12. Changed to latest version.
  13. Was not prompted to save or not. but was prompted to leave site
  14. I clicked to leave
  15. It came back up saying "Getting things ready" and is just spining...


So very similar to when I did this to an exisitng powerapp.


But this is a brand new power app with nothing in it.


Why does it start with an old version?  Is there some place where I can specify that all new power apps get the latest version when created?




Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

I also noticed this problem today.


I develop my apps on a tenant/environment which is on studio version 3.21123.25. I export these apps and import them into another tenant/environment. When I try to edit them on the target tenant I get exactly the same behavior as you (pop ups, new version etc. and finally it just hangs with "getting things ready").


On the target environment the default studio version is 3.21101.26 (much older). I cannot find a way to open these apps anymore so that I can edit them. If I create new apps on the target tenant the studio version is 3.21101.26, I can change it to the newest release, but then it hangs just like you mentioned. The main problem, however, is that I cannot edit imported apps that have a newer version than the default version. 

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

How do you set the environment to that version? In the admin console? I dont see it.


But yes I've tried several different ways and just either keep getting popups or just spins forever getting ready...



The default studio version is the version that's used when you create a new app in an environment. The problem is that I find no way to change it - seems like you have to manually change it each time you create an app. Some environments I have use the newest version always while some environments are "stuck" with an older version. 

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

So I finally got one to show the new version when I loaded it, but now I get the pop up every time "Saved with newer version"... open with new version or restore previous version... arrgg.. I dont want this pop up every time.

Yeah, something funky going on. Our problems are related, but mine is a little different so I'll create a separate thread on it.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

That seems to have worked.  I dont get prompted anymore.  I need to do some more testing to make sure that hasnt broken something else, but for now that seems to be working.  Thanks!

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