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Advocate II
Advocate II

Power Apps Custom Forms not refreshing on edit

This issue very well could be how web browsers handle the forms, but it's driving me crazy and I want to make sure that there isn't something I can do to change it.

I have customized PowerApps forms in a SharePoint list that track user requests for work. When a user currently goes to edit a form and saves, it works great: the form is submitted, and the item on the SharePoint list is immediately updated in their current view. However, if they go back to edit the same item, the form data that is loaded is not reflective of the changes; it loads content in the forms from the last time they'd gone to edit the form. In the attached two-picture example I've made an edit to the project number "1234" changing it to "12345". I Save the job and can then see in the SharePoint list that the change has been made, however, when I immediately try to edit the job again, project number still says "1234." If I attempt to make any changes to that stale form and save them, they will not be written to SharePoint and I will receive no error message indicating something went wrong, which has caused some users a lot of headache.

This behavior can be avoided if the user either refreshes the page or clicks on a different item before clicking back to their original item to edit a second time. Is there anything I can do on the forms side to avoid this? I have the form set to clearcollect the data from SharePoint OnEdit and after save I execute ResetForm. I'm not sure there's much else I can configure in PowerApps to tell it to refresh the data, and something tells me that because it works fine after a browser refresh or if users click to view a different item, it has more to do with browser caching.

Let me know if you have any ideas!


@RandyHayes , Refresh() has cured the issue! While I think it's awful peculiar that adding the refresh wasn't necessary months or even weeks ago, it's no trouble for me to remember to add it these sharepoint integrated forms from here on out.

And no worries at all about getting back to me when you had time. Honestly, I didn't expect to hear back over the weekend and I'm amazed you spent this much time assisting whilst on vacation! Please enjoy your time with your family and thank you again for all the help you've so kindly offered.


Yes, I don't recall the need for it either.  But, again, I don't work a tremendous deal with Integrated.

Glad it helped - and the family is glad too... Smiley LOL

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Thank you for the solution

Advocate II
Advocate II

Turn off the "Use longer data cache timeout and background refresh" under Experimental Features in Advance Settings


@digitaldanlim26 wrote:

Turn off the "Use longer data cache timeout and background refresh" under Experimental Features in Advance Settings


Had the exact same issue and this is what worked for me. Thanks

Had the exact same issue and turning off the longer cache under experimental features was the only way I got this resolved.  If you are having the issue where you save a record and stay on the same form and want to see the new data you just saved then do the following

1 - add Refresh (DataSource) in the onsuccess property of the form

2 - then turn "Off" the experimental data cache under Settings


then you will see your new data in the form on screen - otherwise you will not...  trust me.. I spent countless hours chasing this down!!! 


Let this thread know if you hit this problem and the instructions above do not resolve it

Not applicable

thank you for posting this. I was having the exact same problem with a custom edit form and adding the refresh on success resolved my problem.

After updating 'OnSuccess' field, it worked 😄 

Thank you!

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