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Power Apps Monitor Feedback discussion thread

We recently launched the new Power Apps Monitor tool to help you debug and improve the performance of your apps. You can read more about the Monitor in the blog post. As you use the Monitor, we'd love to hear your feedback. What did you find helpful? What additional features could we add to this tool to help you debug your apps better? This community post will be used to consolidate all feedback on the Monitor tool. You can also access this post directly from the "Provide Feedback" link in the Monitor. 

Helper I
Helper I

Monitor stalls on me constantly.  When it works it is a dream.  But I have to refresh dozens of times for monitor to not just stall after about the first 102 entries upon App Start.  And sometimes if you just let everything sit, a sudden surge of over a 1000 lines will pour in.  There isn't any reason I can correlate to why the behavior is so inconsistent.  It makes using monitor such a pain, but I want to put it to use so bad!  When i can massage it into revealing what I need to see, I really get to focus on making my apps so much better.




Advocate I
Advocate I

Would be nice to see more support for SharePoint here. Currently, Monitor does not connect to a running SharePoint custom form app.




The monitoring dashboard from Power Apps keeps erasing the data every time I scroll down. Although I can download the JSON file to look at the logs, it would save immense amounts of time if I can view it directly from the app. Has anyone come across this before?







Yep!  The same started happening to me too.  Monitor has become 100% useless now combining the unreliable retrieval of data and the newest bug: the feed being completely deleted without warning. 


@JeffTex @Coolbeans Glad to investigate this and figure out what's going on.  Unfortunately, I'm having difficulty reproducing the issue you describe.  Can you share more details about the browser and any specific steps you're taking to encounter the undesired behavior?  

I am using Google Chrome


Repro steps:

1. Go into the app> Monitor> Play model-driven app and join the monitor debug session 



On Power Apps Monitor window, the first row of data populates then, the app (not the page) refreshes and clears the data.



Perhaps a video helps:


@Coolbeans thank for clarifying. I'm now able to reproduce the behavior so we can proceed with the investigation.

I hope my video link above also helps to clarify and provide an example of the same issue on a canvas app using Edge.

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Hi @AengusHeaney 


We are developing a large app used for a corporate and trying to use the Monitor feature to measure load times etc. for the app. However, we've fun into a issue. The monitor screen initially loads and I can see results (See all screenshots).


However, after scrolling about halfway down, the screen goes grey and all results are cleared. I've taken a screenshot of DevTools so you can see the errors in the Javascript.

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