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Power Apps Monitor Feedback discussion thread

We recently launched the new Power Apps Monitor tool to help you debug and improve the performance of your apps. You can read more about the Monitor in the blog post. As you use the Monitor, we'd love to hear your feedback. What did you find helpful? What additional features could we add to this tool to help you debug your apps better? This community post will be used to consolidate all feedback on the Monitor tool. You can also access this post directly from the "Provide Feedback" link in the Monitor. 

Helper I
Helper I

I am not closing the the studio tab and it was not going idle.  I must have tested and tried Friday 6 times (or more).  As for the second, I am certain I only use a single identity.  As of today, both of these problems are no longer occurring.  Its going to end up being just another one of the many "well that's just how the power platform is" scenarios.  Please, on a side note, if you have any info to contribute on this thread here, much appreciation.  


@JeffTex thank you for the added details. Glad things have resolved for you, but not thrilled that you've encountered some transient instability. That's not what we're striving for as it doesn't build confidence in our platform.  We'll continue to take a look back at what could have occurred. 


Regarding the separate thread on embedded Studio in the Maker Portal ( and deprecation of, that was an intentional consolidation of experiences/URLs. I alerted the PM and Engineering Manager for that area to review the feedback and provide additional context on the change.

Thank you!  I really appreciate your help.

New Member










How to solve this problem?

@Cahya If the ID column represents a number datatype, then app checker formula warning has accurately identified a problem with your formula comparing number type to text type.  You can resolve this warning by using Text() function to satisfy type comparison issue.  For example: 

LookUp(Approvel, Text(ID)=Label4.Text)

 For future reference, you should post questions like this as new topics instead of burying in an existing thread unrelated to the nature of your question.  Hope that helps!


How to solve this problem?

Iam followed this tutorial : 


@Cahya I highly suggest you start a new discussion thread to work through issues found by app checker.  This is a separate warning that points out where our runtime will be prevented from delegating query options to the server based on the structure of the formula.  This means that more data will likely be fetched and then filtered/shaped locally.  Small, narrow datasets might have no noticeable impact, but as data gets larger and wider performance will degrade. 

Back to your original issue, another way to approach it would be to convert the right operand from text to a number such as:


LookUp(Approvel, ID=Value(Label4.Text))


New Member

Looks nice, BUT where do I find the actions that occur on startup?

Helper I
Helper I

I've been using Monitor to find long processes that are slowing down my app and im noticing something I havent seen before. When inputting into a form, Monitor is returning a ton of empty filter functions. Any idea what this is? See attached Monitor log.

Hi @NickMerrick

We would need to see the app itself to determine what exactly is generating the empty filter functions. Based on the provided log, it is potentially rule listening to a text field, its data card, or Form.Updates and triggering the Filter() calls.

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