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Power Apps Power BI tile filter



I have several Power BI tiles in my Power App.  I filter the tiles by appending a string to the end of the TileUrl and it works exceptionally for strings.  When I try to filter dates, it does not filter at all, even if I have another successful filter.  Filtering multiple strings works using both 'and' and '&filter=' between table/column references. 


I can use the same string for dates that I am appending to the TileUrl in chrome using query string parameters and it works perfectly.  I have also filtered by multiple strings and dates at the same time and it works using query string parameters in the browser.


Is there something that I'm missing that query string parameters don't work in Power Apps Power BI tile for dates?


Thank you!

Community Support
Community Support


Do you mean the filter by date can work properly in the browser but fails in Power BI tile in PowerApps?

Please check this thread: 

Check if the report is "Pin A live Page" or "Pin visual".




I have pinned the visual.  The filters work correctly in the Power App for strings, but don't work for numbers or dates.  If I had pinned the live page, the string filters would not have worked.


This end to the url works in both browser and Power Apps:


e8072a959?filter=Invoices/Customer eq 'String'


This end to the url works in browser but not PowerApps:


e8072a959?filter=Invoices/InvoiceDate ge 2020-01-01


Thank you



Hi @afrank , 

At the moment passing parameters is somewhat limited:

Only one filter can be applied.
Only the eq operator is supported.
Field type must be string.
Filtering is only available on pinned visualization tiles. It's not supported for pinned reports.
R and Python script visuals cannot be filtered.

(see Power BI tile control: reference - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs)


There is a workaround where you can create a custom colum in Power BI that combines multiple fields into one string. This will work with the equals (eq) operator but no other operators seem to be supported.

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