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Power Apps Studio website crashing in Chrome when looking at a local collection from a SharePoint Picture Library

In Power Apps Studio (web version) when I preview a local collection which contains images from a SharePoint Picture Library it seems to be crashing my Chrome browser (Version 78.0.3904.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)) . Is this a known issue? Or something I am doing to cause this to occur?


What I am doing is basically this below and then I am going to "View" --> "Collections" --> Selecting the collection.


ClearCollect(colLocaldddPhotos, Filter('SharePoint Picture Library', ParentID in someOtherSharePointList.ID)



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ShawnPOWER ,

How many records stored in your 'SharePoint Picture Library'?


Based on the issue that you metioned, I have made a test on my side, and don't have the issue that you mentioned.

According to the issue that you mentioned, it seems to tell that the web page in your Chrome could not make any response in real time.

Please check if the Network in your PC is in good state. Also please make sure there are enough RAM in your PC to run your Chrome browser web pages. You could consider close some useless backgroud process in your PC, and then run your app again, check if the issue is solved.


Also please consider take a try to modify your formula as below:

ClearCollect(IDCollection, someOtherSharePointList.ID);
              Filter('SharePoint Picture Library', ParentID in IDCollection.ID)

then check if the issue is solved.


If the issue still exists, please consider re-start your PC, and then sign in your PowerApps using your Chrome, then run your app again, check if the issue is fixed.


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Hi @v-xida-msft, great question and thanks for the prompt response! 11 items currently in the picture library. Columns in the picture library are below. The heavy column I think is the "imageDataURI", this is actually the contents of the image so I can display it on the Windows 10 desktop application (limitation of the desktop app as I understand it). This gets populated by a flow (Power Automate, not sure what to call it now) which essentially gets the file contents of the image and then does a dataUri function on the content of the image. Another column which might be odd is the "orginalFilename" column has a filename in it which is the max length (from some testing I was doing). It does take a bit to load the SharePoint picture library in browser with all the columns in the view but it does load up. Could this be my issue either the DataURI column or the file name being super long and these things are coming into the preview and potentially messing me up when viewing the preview. Oddly without these preview collection issues in the Power Apps Studio web app, all seems to work properly in my app when leveraging the collection, so that is good news. Bummer you can't reproduce the issue, hoping the above additional information helps re-create the issue on your end.


ColumnTypeUsed in
CreatedDate and TimePicture
Date Picture TakenDate and TimePicture
DescriptionMultiple lines of textPicture
imageDataURIMultiple lines of textPicture
KeywordsMultiple lines of textPicture
ModifiedDate and TimePicture
originalFilenameMultiple lines of textPicture
stillLocalSingle line of textPicture
TitleSingle line of textPicture
Created ByPerson or Group 
Modified ByPerson or Group 
Checked Out ToPerson or Group 


It seems to me like the browser is waiting on something and the RAM does increase during the time it becomes unresponsive (when previewing the first 5 items in Power Apps studio (web app) of this collection of images I mean). I can keep hitting wait on the message and the RAM continues to increase usage wise in on my Chrome browser. Actually not even hitting the Wait button in Chrome, the RAM continues to increase like it is still working in the background. I mean the RAM usage would go from like 400MB to 900MB+ and rising, not sure if it would ever end I have only let it sit for maybe 5-10 minutes at a time. I have nothing else open or actively happening on my PC during the time of testing, CPU and RAM are readily available. When I exit the pages via the Chrome popup when it becomes unresponsive, it closes both Power Apps studio and the Power Apps environment page (where you start before editing the app). Be awesome if it hit this unresponsive state in the web app I could cancel whatever action is still running in the background on the page. Reason being is I lose my changes to my app when I go look at the local collections by this happening. My PC is in a good state and connected well during these tests. I have 32 GB of RAM available and was at less than 1/3 of that in use when running into this issue originally, much less usage during my tests after reboot but same issues persisted.


I tried a couple different network connections and had the same result. I tried the code modification to make an ID's collection, then filter on that vs. the other list and got the same result. I also tried in a new Power App with the old code I had and the new code you proposed, same results there unfortunately.

Hi @ShawnPOWER ,

Have you taken a try with other different browsers? Same results?

Do you get same result after you re-start your PC?


Currently, I could not reproduce your issue on my side. Please consider edit your app using other different browsers, then check if the same result would show up.


Please also consider take a try to uninstall the Chrome from your PC, and then re-install it again, try to edit your app, check if the issue is fixed.

Note: Based on the issue that you mentioned, I think it is not related to PowerApps itself, instead, it is related to your PC.


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Hi @v-xida-msft, just attempted it in Microsoft Edge (44.18362.449.0) and Internet Explorer (11.418.18362.0), it did load the 5 photos properly so that is awesome. I tried in Microsoft Edge Dev (80.0.320.4) and can re-create the issue on different PC's, this isn't a supported browser but I thought I would mention it since it is a Chrome like browser. I have also just now uninstalled and re-installed Chrome, same result, the photo preview doesn't load up, makes the page unresponsive.


Same result in Chrome after restarting the PC as I mentioned in my previous post. I attempted the same thing on another machine tonight with a fresh install of Chrome and can reproduce this issue.


I feel like I am on to something here. I am happy to give you guest access to the test list I am working on or whatever you need to see if you can reproduce it in Chrome (one of the supported browsers) or the newer Edge browser. Nice to have a workaround though in the meantime so I appreciate that.

Today I just had two images in the list and the preview did eventually load up, it just took 15 minutes or so with Chrome giving me the wait or exit pages messages I described. I wonder if when I had the additional images it just would have taken a long time for it to eventually load. I will try and do that later on today if I can. Still open to sharing the list with you @v-xida-msft if you'd like, just let me know. 

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