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Power Apps Test Studio Feedback discussion thread

We recently launched the new Power Apps Test Studio to help you build end-to-end tests for your Canvas apps. You can read more about it in this blog post. As you use the tool, we’d love to hear your feedback, so we can prioritize the next set of improvements, any features that are missing, or any of the current behaviors that may not be ideal.What kinds of tests are you writing? Is there anything that is too hard to understand, and that we could make easier? This community post will be used to consolidate all feedback on the tool. You can also access this post directly from the "Provide Feedback" link in the Test Studio.

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Thanks @RemiChambard2 and @londontoholland for the additional details and you patience! - can you send me the specific version number you are on as i have tried with the edge beta, canary and dev builds and cannot repro the behaviour you are experiencing. 

@AengusHeaney hey, thanks for the reply. I'm on Chrome 75.0.3770.100

I'm on Edge 80.0.361.33 (64 bits).

Coudn't be also due to my version of Power Apps and/or Tenant location ?

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Hi @AengusHeaney, I'm currently investigating the possibility to use Test Studio for Dynamics 365 model-driven app.

I understand that testing component behavior is not supported by Test Studio yet. However I'm curious whether Test Studio team has any roadmap regarding this feature. Specifically, whether Test Studio can be expected to test Dynamics 365 model-driven app behavior in the near future.

Hi @AengusHeaney 

I have made a lot of tests the past days and I think I have figured out what could cause my "stuck" issue.

It seems that it is due to a Timer control on my first screen.

This Timer control auto starts on the first screen and increment a context variable every second. When this Timer control is set to "Auto start", Test Studio stays stuck on the first step. I have to switch to another tab of my browser to make it works again. But when I come back to Test Studio it's stuck again.

When I "disable" the Timer Control by setting it to "Auto start" = false, everthing just works fine.


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In the documentation for the Trace function it says:

All Trace messages can also be viewed in the Power Apps Monitor tool, which will help in debugging or identifying issues for real-time diagnostic sessions for your app.

I've tried adding Trace steps to my cases but nothing appears in the Monitor tool.



Laura GB

@AengusHeaney , to give you more information on my issue, the Timer control I use updates multiple labels (acting as time counters) on the sceen every second. I think the fact that the screen is continuously updating impact the way the Test Studio runs.

@LauraGB, I'll update the docs to clarify this statement. The Monitor tool provides a list of activities happening in your app when the app is played from the Canvas studio. If you have Trace messages in the app, these will be visible in the events shown in the Monitor tool. 

@John742 - just to confirm that the navigate function bug is now deployed in all regions.  

@Fandi Yes, we will be reviewing the capability to have Test studio test Model-driven apps in the future. I cannot provide an ETC and it will be a semester or two before we get this to feature, but it is on the roadmap. EasyRepro  is the alternative for Model driven testing. 

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