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Power Apps Test Studio Feedback discussion thread

We recently launched the new Power Apps Test Studio to help you build end-to-end tests for your Canvas apps. You can read more about it in this blog post. As you use the tool, we’d love to hear your feedback, so we can prioritize the next set of improvements, any features that are missing, or any of the current behaviors that may not be ideal.What kinds of tests are you writing? Is there anything that is too hard to understand, and that we could make easier? This community post will be used to consolidate all feedback on the tool. You can also access this post directly from the "Provide Feedback" link in the Test Studio.

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@hkhan96 capturing automated steps for attaching files is not currently supported by Test Studio (see Known Limitations).  @ChrisBal-MSFT may be able to comment on plans to support this in the future as well as possibility to use Test Engine to automate interaction with attachments.  I don't see it explicitly listed in unsupported controls, but will defer to Chris on whether that's possible now or not yet.

Thank you for the response. I will continue with testing other features for the time being, but I am looking forward to seeing this feature being implemented.

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Appears I only have the "Monitor" option available in the Advanced Tools section of Power Apps.  Is there a reason "Testing" would be missing for me?

Hi @anon6, Test Studio isn't available in Sovereign Clouds currently (for example, GCC or GCC-High). If you are using Power Apps in one of these cloud environments, then this would be the expected behavior. However, if you interested in trying out Test Engine, this can be run against sovereign clouds by passing the "-d" (domain) command line argument.

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Hi team,


I have two issues i hope The platform can help with.


1. Unable to create an app from an excel File with formulas .


I believe the systems are well advanced to interpret a working excel formula and be able to translate the functionality to an application .


CombinedDataSheet failed: Excel files containing formula are currently not supported. Please use a file that has no formula. clientRequestId: a9235c6f-8481-44e9-8690-8e332a033ac4 serviceRequestId: a9235c6f-8481-44e9-8690-8e332a033ac4;a9235c6f-8481-44e9-8690-8e332a033ac4;a9235c6f-8481-44e9-8690-8e332a033ac4


2. dealing with a large organization data The 100000 row limit is very limited and needs to be increased to support larger organization .


3. Improvement of natural language  questioning when building automated app , as its still highly difficult for people who are not vast in Microsoft systems to create application for their businesses , Once simplified Hopefully with an interaction or inclusion of CHATGP capabilities. 





Hi @Adelekedavid, you posted your questions in a message thread about Power Apps testing tools but it looks like your question isn't related to that topic.  You might have better luck getting a response by posting in a different thread.  I suggest re-posting your question in the Get Help with Power Apps general forum for better visibility.

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