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Super User

Power Apps for Teams strangeness in the controls

Anyone have any ideas on why the Button in Power Apps for teams does not respect the transparent choice in the various fill properties?


I can select any color and the button will properly change, but if I select Transparent, it stays the default color.





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Dual Super User
Dual Super User

It's one of the many oddities in PA for Teams I'm affraid.

In case the red area is a container, you could use Parent.Fill as a work around to make the button transparent.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @JR-BejeweledOne,

Have you solved your problem?

Do you want to make the button Fill color transparent?

Could you please share a bit more about your scenario?

I think the key to this issue may be the control, go to the Settings and enable the Classic controls.



Check if this could help you at some degree.


Best Regards,

I have already used a classic control to resolve my issue.  I posted here to make sure there wasn't something I was overlooking.  To be quite honest, I am so frustrated with the lack of styling ability and the bugs in the Power Apps for teams controls that I use the classic controls more often than the default ones.  


Even that is now becoming harder and harder to do as the setting for Classic controls does not stick.   I have to turn it on every single time I open the app.    It appears that the controls in Power Apps for teams were designed to blend in with Teams, however when using an app that may contain lots of controls and text it gets very tedious and hard on the eyes to use when you can't implement enough contrast, especially when everything is in shades of gray.




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That would work except that the button is over the top of a label.   It's there because hovering over an item in a gallery to select it does not change your cursor indicating that you can click on the item.

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Hi @JR-BejeweledOne

Sorry for the late reply.

I have tested it and the situation is confirmed on my side. Yes, you are right that the you should enable the Classic control every time you run the app. 

To tell you the truth, we would debug the applications all the time. For the app, it is known that we are constantly identifying problems and solving them. Endless debugging will be the norm. 

It may be frustrating at this stage, but any product has to go through this pain before it can be rejuvenated and reborn.

We fully understand the importance of Power Apps for Teams to the daily work of our users, so everything is in good order. Stay tuned.

Best Regards,

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