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Power Apps grid control feedback

The new Power Apps grid control in model-driven apps is officially in public preview! This control can be used for both read-only and editable scenarios, supports infinite scrolling for a modern browsing experience, and allows pro-dev makers to customize the appearance of cells. A new blog post and documentation for this should be available soon! 

As you try out and use this new grid control, we'd love to hear your feedback! What went well and what didn't? What additional features do you want or need from the grid? This community post will be used to consolidate feedback on the Power Apps grid control. Thanks in advance for your comments! 

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

We've done some testing with the new component and while it mostly works well there are a few items that are preventing us to be able to test in any production scenarios. 


Subgrid issues:

Really only one issue, no matter what we try we cannot get the grid height to expand. This leaves it to only show 2-3 rows of data which is not useful at all. Having users view potentially hundreds of records 2 or 3 at a time is not viable.



Normally using the row count in the form editor allows us to change the amount of rows (the height) of the subgrid. Adjusting this value with the new grid does not change anything.


I am not sure if this is an issue with infinite scroll, as it's not limiting the record counts per page, but ideally we can have infinite scroll in a taller subgrid that can show 10 or 15 rows at a time.



Main Grid issues:

1. Filters using the advanced filter pane do not apply


2. When opening a record from a main grid the "quick selection" option is not there. This is used by our users quite often:



Overall the performance and functionality is really good, just some showstopper issues for us so far that prevent us from testing in production senarios



Frequent Visitor

Is this grid expected to work with Multi-Table Lookups?

Advocate V
Advocate V

Why not for canvas apps?
Why not allow for interaction with an Excel file as a component?
It is all HTML nowadays.

New Member

First of all thanks for the new toy. 

We are happy to get one new chance of using an editable grid on smartphones as this was disabled for the "old" editable grid.


We are testing the Grid in the Field Service Mobile App and we see an issue with updating Records using the iOS App with offline Profile. Editing the record and saving does not show any error but the record is not updated.

Doing the same in the online App or Windows App for Field Service works as expected.


We also would love the possibility of creating new records inline as a virtual row until saving as we use a third party grid solution for that.


It would be also nice to give a bit more possibility to the customizers when it comes to changing the controls for specific columns as we have it for form fields. Combining those would be perfect.


I am not sure if this could be done by the possibilities described in Customized editable grid - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs but it would be also great to define different controls for columns for mobile Devices.

At the moment it is a pain to edit an integer on an iPhone.

Regular Visitor

There doesn't seem to be a way to filter lookups based on related records.  Not having this means I have to revert to using a form to update a lookup (as that allows filter on related)

Agreed... there is no reason why this shouldn't work with canvas. The canvas grid is crap compared to this.

We do want to make this available eventually in canvas apps and custom pages. Think of this as step 1 🙂 

We do plan to eventually make this available in canvas apps and custom pages. 

We've found this set of PCF components to be a very helpful improvement on the canvas / custom page grid:

Creator Kit - overview (preview) - Power Platform | Microsoft Docs

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