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Power Apps grid control feedback

The new Power Apps grid control in model-driven apps is officially in public preview! This control can be used for both read-only and editable scenarios, supports infinite scrolling for a modern browsing experience, and allows pro-dev makers to customize the appearance of cells. A new blog post and documentation for this should be available soon! 

As you try out and use this new grid control, we'd love to hear your feedback! What went well and what didn't? What additional features do you want or need from the grid? This community post will be used to consolidate feedback on the Power Apps grid control. Thanks in advance for your comments! 


I will have to take a look.  If it doesn't work, it may well be that a side panel would be the best bet

What I did

  • Open View Designer
  • Add a Column
    Select "Related" and seleect the name field of a related table
  • Save / Publish
  • Open the view from the sitemap
    The column header for the related name field keeps spinning and is not rendered

Hope that helps 🙂

Regular Visitor

2 Questions. 

  • I am seeing borders around the fields on the grid. Is this normal? Its very distracting. 
  • When will the nested subgrid functionality from the current Editable Grid be included in the Power Apps grid? 


Apologies for the response delay. Yes we only have this issue on the grids where we have limited to no control over the view displayed in the lookup boxes and also are unable to perform the same related record filtering as on a form. For example the "Primary Contact" lookup should be filtering only Contacts associated to the Account, but from the editable grid we cannot perform this related record filtering and therefore users can see all the contacts for all accounts.

Regular Visitor

Is there a potential date when even a static subgrid will be released? 

Also, any thoughts on the lines around the fields? Can this be disabled? 

@RSMITH_HSO thanks for the questions! Can you clarify what you mean by a "static subgrid"? If you are referring to nested grids, that feature is still being cleaned up. Keep an eye on the release plans for the latest.

Are you referring to the horizontal and vertical lines in edit mode? If so, no this cannot be disabled as this is the visual indicator that the grid is editable. If you're referring to something else, can you share a screenshot for reference? 

@jasongre - wanted to provide some additional feedback, since we've seen a few posts on here now regarding the lines dividing cells. In our test scenarios we are getting good feedback on the increased visual contrast seperating the elements, one general comment we receive about the platform is it's very "white and hard to separate data elements". Recently the changes to model driven form styling and then the new grid divide lines have helped to add some visual contrast to help users view data. Just our 2 cents from testing with several users groups at our company.

Frequent Visitor

The current amount of information shown in the Lookup picker is unacceptable.


How are users expected to tell records apart if their names are the same?


The platform has "Lookup Views" which are supposed to define the set of information that is shown when selecting a record in a lookup. Please respect these views by showing the information specified in them.

Regular Visitor


@jasongre -

  • Just to confirm. The lines are there because the grid is editable. That makes sense.



  • Will nested subgrids be included in the control? Is there a timeframe? 

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