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Power Automate flow connecting to Power Apps

Hi , I have a power automate flow that triggers the email when a button is clicked in my power apps. 

In Get Item of Power Automate I have selected as Ask in PowerApps , while in Powerapps I have added this Power automate flo with the Button and onselect I have mentioned


The issue i am facing is the flow is not automatically triggering when I click on the BUTTON , I have to manually enter the Item ID to get the flow run.


Any help would be much appreciated.

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Where in Power Apps are you inserting the ID of the item?  Your run command should look more like:

Also, if you changed the flow after adding it to Power Apps you'll need to either Refresh it using the Power Automate panel in Power Apps or remove it and re-add it to get it to pick up the parameter.

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Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @Piyushjha1 ,


Please share how your flow button OnSelect Option looks like.

Also you mentioned that you have to manually enter the Item ID. - That would mean that the onselect option doesn't have a reference of your item ID. Without a sample it's hard to say..


Hi This is my code for Onselect


I have a submit button in powerapps that generates the Plan ID which equals the ID of my sharepoint site .  

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

hi @Piyushjha1 ,


Could you share:

1) the flow run history if there is any errors?

2) How do you generate the "plan_id" and where this is being stored. Variable?


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Hi Getting thiserror

ApproveRunFailed:This method 'Run' has an invalid value for parameter 'GetItem_id'


I have a Submit button in difference screen where I am setting the plan id while this Approve button is in different screen . I think I will have to take the reference of Plan Id from the Submit Button. 


Can you guide how to take the reference of Plan Id genereated by Submit button in my Onselect of Approve button?

hi @Piyushjha1 ,

OnSelect - Submit button - Set(varPlanID, "Here enter your code of how you generate plan_id")

Then you have your variable saved so you can use it for your flow:


Hi , i already have that plan_id set Onselect-Submit button which i am using in Approve button

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