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Power BI Import tile not working for reports that reside in Premium capacity



This is my first time tinkering with PowerApps. I am trying to pull multiple report visuals from dashboards to a PowerApps Screen. I noticed however that I cannot pull dashboard tiles from premium capacity workspaces that I have access to. I am using the Charts -> Power BI tile feature to attempt to connect to the visuals. I can find Shared capacity tiles just fine.


Is this intended? Is there an alternative way for me to display these visuals in a PowerApp form?


Thank you in advance!

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Adding @jovan to see if this is intended behaviour.

- not, please private message me if you can't share with everyone
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I am looking into it.  I will post my findings here by Friday.

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Thank you for taking the time to look into this issue.


Just to give you a little information on my needs, I am thinking of using this feature to create a "high level" dashboard that will link to different reports in different workspaces. My research led me to this feature. If this is not the desired function to use or there are other alternatives other than the Power BI service dashboard features, I am very interested learning about it.





I'm sorry, I wasn't able to get the answer on this yet.  I will follow up as soon as I can with another update, certainly by Tuesday.

Getting Power BI Premium Capacity access has been much slower than I anticipated.  I should finally have it any day now, but I don't have it yet.


@SBeat  If your request is at all urgent, feel free to private message me.  I may be able to provide a workaround for you even before I get Premium Capacity access myself.

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Not to worry @jovan . I have time to wait while this is being investigated. Thank you for pursuing it.

Alright, thank you for your patience;  I have a repro and a workaround.

This happens when the Power BI dashboard tile has no title, which seems to particularly easily happen in Premium Capacity workspaces.

The easiest mitigation I found is:

  1. On navigate to the affected dashboard
  2. Mouse over the top right corner of the affected tile, click "..." that shows up, and choose "Edit Details"
  3. Change the Title to a nonempty value and save your changes.  If you don't want to show the title, you can uncheck "Display title and subtitle."  It is just important that the title is nonempty, it does not have to show on the tile.
  4. Refresh your powerapps studio, and the tile should now be listed.

I am following up with the Power BI team (I am from PowerApps) to determine if this is a bug on their team or ours.  But until we fix it, the above workaround should work 100% of time and with no negative effects.

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@jovan Thank you for the follow up and solution. I intend to try this today and will let you know if I run into any issues.

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