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Power BI tile filter not working

Hi All,

i'm trying filter power bi tile on powerapps , but it doesn't work. when i triger fillter the Power BI Tile just refresh and stil did not filtere.

i already follow the turorial from any source but still not luck.


This is my url with variable filter


Can any body help in this ?

Or is there any problem with this fiture right now ?


Accepted Solutions

Hi all,

i have solution for my case and  thank's @jovan for save my day and now i can sleep well 😀

So my problem cause is Pin in PowerBI , i select "Pin A live Page" not a "Pin visual", because i think it's same pin to dashboard and the PowerBI Tile use the dasboard of Power BI.

The button Pin Visual does not appear when you are not in Edit report mode.

"Pin a Live page" can't filter on PowerBi Tile, but "Pin Visual" can, even though both of these methods can appear on PowerBI Tile.




Thank you.



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Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @davinius,

Big idea: If you would like to dynamically filter a Power BI tile in your Power Apps, you can structure its TileURL property like this example:

"$filter=Tweets/Location eq 'Brisbane'"


I have a Table called Tweets. It has a map tile showing the Location field:



Above the Power BI tile, I have a text input field, TextInput1. When it's blank, I want to remove all filter parameters. But when I've typed something in, I want to to filter the map tile accordingly.


To achieve the same structure as the example TileURL, we'll use a condition and some concatenation:

"" & 

    "&$filter=Tweets/Location eq '" & TextInput1.Text & "'"


This means, "Show a TileURL that is made up of the URL to the dashboard tile. And if the input field is not blank, include a filter parameter:

  • & initiates the parameter
  • $filter= is one kind of parameter you can apply to the TileURL
  • Tweets is the name of my table
  • Location is the name of a field in Tweets
  • eq is the kind of condition I want to check. I am checking if the location 'equals' whatever text is typed into TextInput1.


Note that I include single quotes around whatever text results from TextInput1 as that is required to distinguish its contents as a string.

Note that there are some & that are not enclosed within quotation marks. Those concatenate the strings that are between them.

The tile will reload upon typing anything and will not need any refresh actions.


Let me know if you are able to structure your TileURL from this example.




Hi @Mr-Dang-MSFT ,

Thank's for your response 😊.

in your url , i found the url has %3d%3d before filter function, is this a part of conffiguration or you manual add it ?



 i still can't filter the tile,  i already harcode the tile url , with filter the DisplayName is 'agnes' , but in powerapps designer stil show all data, and also i tried with add %3d%3d before filter function and still not work.


"$filter=AttendanceSumView/DisplayName eq 'agnes'"





The picture below is my table and column to filter


when i run the apps data still show all of DisplayName



is there any missed on my function ?


Thank you



Hi @davinius  is it possible that you have spaces in the data value back at the source 'agnes'? Every thing in your TitleUrl looks correct.

Hi @datamaster ,

Thank's for response.

For value of display name 'agnes' is not have space. and i already check again and test on report section in powerBI.

have you any idea for this ?


@davinius ,

I agree with @datamaster. Your TileURL looks right. My suggestion is to test the same feature against another column or against another tile.


i tried with another powerapps account , powerBi Account, other dataset, and still not working.



is there any missed on my powerApps or PowerBI setup ?



@Mr-Dang-MSFT ,

is there any solution on this ?

i found same problem in another thread ,

is there still issue ?


Hi everyone,


I tried embedding Power BI in PowerApps to see if something has regressed, but the filtering still works fine for me.


So I have a couple of diagnostic questions:


  1. Is there anybody for whom the embedding worked, and then stopped working on its own (without changes to the PowerApp or the Power BI tile)?
  2. Is there anybody who can filter the embedded visual using an embedding playground like the one at but cannot filter it when showing it in PowerApps?

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