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Power apps on iPhone switching user

We have a crew using power apps on iPhone. Each iPhone device has the latest version of power apps from the Apple store. The phones are passed from night shift to day shift, each time the user logs out of power apps when they are finished and the next user logs in with their office 365 credentials. Occasionally, during the shift, the app will suddenly switch the current user back to a previous user. This started happening more and more and is becoming a big problem because the tasks are assigned based on the current login user and now users are getting tasks assigned to other users.I'm not sure if this is an iPhone issue or something that others have experienced? Any insight would be very helpful, thanks!
Community Support
Community Support

Hello @PhilD honestly, don't know what is going on here and I'm wondering if you can open a ticket and add this community link. this is something that need to be reviewed. 

Thanks @Yeiner 


Your support ticket number is: 120030924001630



I grabbed a Session ID from an iPhone device after a user was switched. In this case, a user Pat was working in the app when she noticed her tasks in the app had changed unexpectedly. She discovered she was not logged in as one of her fellow employees named Tamika. Before logging out, or even restarting the app, she handed the iPhone to her manager who saved it for me and I was able to get this Session ID.


Session ID from active session of affected device



Hi @PhilD 


Did you get an explanation and resolution to this issue? 

I was hoping that MS had improved on adding mission critical “idiosyncrasies” but this is concerning to say the least...


Any updates would be appreciated:)


Do you have other office365 apps installed on the iPhone that users may be logged in on?


What about multi factor authentication?

No solution yet however engineers from Microsoft continue to work on this.


There are typically no other O365 apps installed on these devices and we do use RSA/MFA. All of these things have been reviewed and considered by the support team working on this but a root cause has so far not been identified.


The thread linked below may be of interest to you. Back in 2018, this same app was “freezing” after the connection status changed on the iPhone device (i.e. from WiFi > Cellular). This issue was corrected by an update to the PowerApps platform as described in the thread. After this fix rolled out (Dec 2018) is also when we all got the "No Internet" and "Reconnected" messages at the bottom of the app screen and my app no longer froze up when connection was lost/restored.


As I mentioned previously, I am suspicious that the current issue may also be related to a connection being lost/restored because just like in the previous case, there have been reports of “freezing” and multiple unsuccessful attempts to refresh the app’s galleries just before the logged in user is switched to someone else. The people using the iPhone apps are patient transporters so they are moving around the hospital buildings (buildings with known issues with WiFi consistency) while tasks are dispatched to them by a dispatcher using a desktop app designed for this purpose.


It is more difficult than usual for me to test new app versions or make extensive changes to the existing apps as I  must be very cautious right now about introducing any additional disruptions during the pandemic.


In any event, my feeling is that the design of an app should never be able to trigger an unattended (and unintended) logout and login of another authenticated user to the platform or the security of the user's O365 data is called into question (i.e. including potentially their email, etc.)


Did you ever get a solution from MS to this issue?

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