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PowerApp as detail view

Hi together,


I actually try to build a Power App to show details from a Sharepoint List to the clients. 

Therefore I have built up a List with all neccessary information to e.g. a supplier. Now I`d like to show up all these detailed information bundled in a form as shown on the right side of the picture. 

2022-10-05 13_20_09-.png


As you can see that doesn`t work properly. The user has to scroll down in the form although there is enough space to the bottom of the page. 

Does anybody know what I`m doing wrong here?

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I think I`m to stupid...sorry for that.


I have created a Test sheet now:

2022-10-05 16_12_29-Test – Listen und 1 weitere Seite - Geschäftlich – Microsoft​ Edge.png


I also created a Gallery:


2022-10-05 16_12_01-Power Apps und 1 weitere Seite - Geschäftlich – Microsoft​ Edge.png


Then I went back to my list and inserted -> edit formular: 2022-10-05 16_13_17-Test – Listen und 1 weitere Seite - Geschäftlich – Microsoft​ Edge.png


This appeared:


2022-10-05 16_15_50-Posteingang - - Outlook.png


And now I`m lost 😞

Okay so you need to set the data  source of your gallery. Once you do that you can select what fields you want it to show in the list. Once you do that there is a data field called "On Select" you will want to change that to "Navigate(Page)" where page is the name of the screen that you created with your form.


On the form that you made to the right of your screenshot you have a "Item" field. That needs to be "BrowseGallery1.Select ".

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That really kills me😂 So, if I start from my list "insert->edit form" than this appears:


2022-10-06 11_14_42-Power Apps - Geschäftlich – Microsoft​ Edge.png

The 'onSelect' part has been inserted. But where do I have to insert the 'BrowseGallery1.Select' now? The other form (last picture from my previous post" doesn`t appear anywhere. I now just have the above shown form. 

Helper II
Helper II

First make sure that your gallery has a source and is displaying what you're wanting it to display.


Then create a new screen. On that screen go to Insert > Form. Then assign the source there as well. That is where you will insert the above text.

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Ok, I think I got it know a little bit...



2022-10-07 15_23_19-.png



2022-10-07 15_22_04-Power Apps - Geschäftlich – Microsoft​ Edge.png

But on Form1 there is one mistake. The "BrowseGallery1.Select" doesn`t work. It says that "Browse" is not available.

Helper II
Helper II

It should be "BrowseGallery1.Selected" instead of Select.

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It`s not known...2022-10-07 15_31_14-Power Apps - Geschäftlich – Microsoft​ Edge.png

Helper II
Helper II

Try removing browse and just have "Gallery1.selected"



Ok, I`ll try on Monday. Thank`s for your help until now. Maybe you can take a look at this topic on Monday again 😉

Have a nice weekend!

Good morning, it`s me again 😉

So, I tried all as you mentioned. But it won`t work. 

It`s still the standard detail form shown in my list.

2022-10-12 09_07_54-Posteingang - - Outlook.png


This is my setup now in PowerApps:


2022-10-12 09_07_25-.png2022-10-12 09_07_02-.png

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