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Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

PowerApp not editable anymore, Formula bar stuck showing FirstScreen.Fill

EDIT: Please, if you're only reading/posting here because you want older PowerApps versions, please open your own or use a different thread.
I still have gotten nothing helpful back on my original post:

image.pngPlease be so kind as to read my full post before responding.
Thank you for your consideration.

I have reported my issue already previously in the forums
and have already submitted a ticket
but, I have so far not yet received anything useful to fix my issue.
Thus, I am re-posting again to extend the reach of my call for help.

I only have one (but the most complex and important one) PowerApp that is affected.
I had/have one quite complex PowerApp that I have started working on last November.
It contains, among other things, 13 MultiSelect Option fields in Dynamics and a workaround for the ComboBox in PowerApps using Checkboxes since my bosses didn't like the whole-screen-filling-irritating-x-in-corner-look of the ComboBox (when pulled down) in the Android App.

That App worked fine until April.
Then I had to switch on the new CDS/OptionSet features for various reasons
This naturally broke all existing MultiSelect OptionSet related properties, and introduced (in a previously working app with 0 errors) ~1000 (mostly syntax) errors.
Working through the last month, I had managed to fix most of these

but now (passing through several PowerApps versions in the meanwhile) I am stuck at a state where PowerApps Studio effectively prohibits me from continuing my work.

The user interface seems responsive.

  1. The formula input is "stuck" showing the Fill property of the First screen.
    When I actually select this property, the formula input appears working
    however, changing the Lead.Fill property does nothing, the change doesn't take.
    Selecting any other control/property still yields the formula line showing Lead.Fill, though grayed out/disabled.
  2. Trying to Save the App does nothing, the same for Save As, and Save on Computer
  3. Changing App properties and/or Advanced settings does nothing.
    The feature toggles don't work
  4. The PowerApps Studio tab and Session at some point times out without me having been able to do anything.

For all intents and purposes I have apparently wasted my time since the switch to new CDS features since I can't currently finish this PowerApp into a workable state.
Please do comment if you have experienced a similar issue.
If you do actually work or know someone who works in the actual PowerApps team, please do help me escalate my issue.
The support staff from Mindtree Limited have not been able to help me yet.

App ID: c106ea27-99b0-41e6-818a-190467867ecf
Excerpt of nonworking sessions:
Session ID: 65f7c777-468a-4823-9a0e-06789dfea55f
PowerApps 3.19042.26
Session ID: c20946ac-7b2a-4822-a588-105a9bac62ac
PowerApps 3.19042.26
Session ID: 487e9c6c-a071-411a-b9d1-fed42a310764
PowerApps 3.19045.16

Community Support
Community Support

HI @SaWu ,

Which version is your PowerApps Studio?


Based on the needs that you mentioned, I think this issue may be related to the App Rendering. Currently, the latest version of PowerApps is 3.19051.14, please consider make some changes to your app, then re-publish it, then check if the issue is solved.


Also please consider take a try to turn off the "Improved app rendering (final validation)" option within Advanced settings of App settings of your app, then re-publish your app, check if the issue is solved.


If the issue still exists, please consider re-store your app to previous workable version, then check if the issue is solved.


Also please consider clear cache of your browser, and then try your app again, check if the issue has been fixed.


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.
Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Thank you for your response.

I am accessing PowerApps Studio via from Germany, so I am guessing I am using the latest version.
Right now at the time of writing (2019-05-16, 10:12 CEST), according to  that is PowerApps 3.19051.14.

Your proposal is unfeasible.

As I have written in my original post, I am unable to change any of the advanced settings.
Trying to click those toggle simply does nothing.
Also, as I have written in my original post, PowerApps Studio currently precludes me from making and saving changes.
Also, sometimes PowerApps Studio appear to hang already in the "Please wait" stage, making it even more impossible to change anything

Yes, I have tried clearing caches, using Chrome/Firefox/Opera, turning my computer off and on again.

And no, I am absolutely not going to consider restoring this App, which I have been working for a month since the last working state, to this previous working state.
PowerApps Studio should absolutely never enter a state where Apps are not able to be edited and fixed.

Advocate I
Advocate I

It am having similar problems. Apps that have worked fine for months now no longer work when saving in powerapps release 3.19051.14.


Having to role back to previous version in release version 3.19043.16


This means I can no longer edit my apps as they publish in 3.19051.14. which breaks them!



@SaWu @WillEdz Please try using the previous version of Studio until we can resolve the current issue:

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hello @_Corey_,

Thank you for your response.


Short version:

The older version you suggested also does not work for me and my in-limbo-PowerApp.


Longer version:
I "just" tried my own not-editable PowerApp with the studio version that you suggested.
What happened with that older version you suggested

is that

  1. The one control I showed was not-working in my original post, was now editable
  2. The one control I showed was not-working in my original post, also showed a strange color scheme of the edited parts.
    They appeared as if the App Checker hadn't gone over them yet, e.g. mixed colors over one single "word"/name
  3. Some controls had the same problem of showing a grayed out/disabled formula bar
  4. I still could not save the App
  5. The session seems to have never timed out
  6. I still could not work on the App
  7. Even closing the App (I just spent 10 minutes looking at basically the following screenshot, but of course with that circle above "Closing App" still "turning") does not work

I also made a Fiddler trace of it all (from opening the App in the older Studio version to me writing this post, but also including the beginning of me checking mail and starting to write this post).
I can send this to someone if required.

App ID c106ea27-99b0-41e6-818a-190467867ecf
Session ID: 7cb04720-06ed-4493-93ef-e2e61a306bda
PowerApps 3.19045.16
Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hello @_Corey_ 

Did you see my response?
I have tried the version you suggested

@_Corey_ wrote:

@SaWu @WillEdz Please try using the previous version of Studio until we can resolve the current issue:

which, as posted last week, seemed to work at first but overall didn't at all.

Via the support ticket system/Mindtree I have already submitted Fiddler traces with new and old PowerApps versions, but also have not gotten any response on that end as well.

My (not educated enough) guess would be that the App/Formula checker runs into some sort of endless loop or cyclic dependency which is long enough for it to not be able to resolve it.
I did mention that this particular PowerApps is pretty big, and complex, and (currently still) full of some unresolved Errors.

Thank you,


Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Tried again to edit this PowerApp.
Still not working.



Session ID: 7775dd95-d2ec-452e-a95a-331d62e470c9
PowerApps 3.19052.19


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