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PowerApps AddMediaWithImage use ONLY camera

Hello everyone.


I'm developing a PowerApp application which is intended to run on a mobile and it's main purpose is to use device's camera to make photos and upload to SharePoint. I'm using AddMediaWithImage ("Media -> Add picture") control and while it works ok, I cannot make it use a camera by default. When clicking on it - it asks every single time "Do you want to 1) use camera or maybe 2) browse for files?". I don't want to browse for files, and don't want that option. When taking multiple photos it is really tedious to go through that dialog every single time.


I've found a setting "UseMobileCamera" which by default is "false", and set it to true (info from MicrosoftDocs: "Whether to use a mobile camera directly, when available"). Doesn't work, still asks me.


Then I thought, what if I disallow usage of files and only allow camera? Well, it goes straight to file browser and allows me select a file! Yes, you're reading it right. I cannot use camera anymore too, only browse files. The camera starts to work again when I add the permission for storage again. I've triple-checked that and debugged with other person if I'm not confusing things.


I don't want to use "Media -> Camera" control, because "Media -> Add picture" is superior in my opinion.


I'm actually pretty confused. Right now my test application consists only of AddMediaWithImage control and the behaviour is as described. PowerApps from Google Play Store are in the latest available version, I'm using an Android11 phone.

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Hi @ukaszu ,

Firstly, are you referring to the below menu?




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Yes, as I said in the original post, it's "Media -> Add picture" producing "AddMediaWithImage" control which allows for 1) camera input and 2) browse for a file in phone's storage.

@ukaszu ,

Why not use a camera control ?



As I said in my first post, I don't want to use "Media -> Camera" control, because "Media -> Add picture" is superior in my opinion.

@ukaszu ,

OK - I had it the wrong way around - the issue is that Add Media Default is to select a file and your device is actually being helpful suggesting the camera directly - you do not even get this option on a PC, so it has actually saved you a step or two.


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Ok, but Microsoft docs from github says this: (it's also in the first post)
"UseMobileCamera" - "Whether to use a mobile camera directly, when available"

It makes no difference if I set it to true or false (it's false by default). It asks the same question every time even when true (or false). It won't take me straight to file browsing either (if I understood your post correctly).


Also, if it didn't prompt for camera and go directly to file selection it would be useless for my purpose. The problem is the user will take multiple photos, and only photos, won't select files. No need for additional clicks.


The actual bug is disallowing use of storage and allowing only camera - it goes to file selection without prompt! Camera won't work it it will only allow me to select a file from the storage (with storage DISALLOWED). Crazy. Camera starts to become an option again only when storage is allowed again. It's not non-intuitive, it's broken on Android11.

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