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Advocate III
Advocate III

PowerApps Build 2.0.791 - 2.0.795 - There was a Problem Loading Your Data

I have published builds of our PowerApp using 2.0.791 and 2.0.795 and started getting an error in the stock splash screen. 


This error was not present on builds relesaed with PowerApps 2.0.762.  I belive I have isolated the issue to the app's OnStart event (more details below).  



Problem Loading Data.png


This exact code is working fine on builds published 2.0.762.  However, this code is generating errors in build 2.0.791.  When I remove this code and publish it using build 2.0.762, the error goes away.  


Has anyone seen similar issues?  Or does anyone from the community / product team have any ideas? 


I tried to republish using an older version of the studio referenced here, but am unable to open our Development environment using it. 



LoadData(collSessionAudio, "ocollSessionAudio", true);
LoadData(collPlansMaster, "ocollPlansMaster", true);
LoadData(collPreferences, "ocollPreferences", true);
If(CountRows(collPreferences) > 0, Set(searchFilterVal, LookUp(collPreferences, myFilter<>"", myFilter) ), Set(searchFilterVal, ""));



Advocate III
Advocate III

In case anyone else has encountered / is experiencing this error,

I have received feedback from Microsoft that this is a known issue and will be addressed in a release to be made in the coming days.
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I'm having the same issue. I hope someone knows the answer

instagram search

Any update yet from Microsoft support? I'm having the issue as well for an app that has worked fine in the past (haven't changed the on-start).


*** On Start ***

LoadData(NewRecordsSSCI, "NewRecordsSSCI", true);
LoadData(UpdateRecordsSSCI, "UpdateRecordsSSCI", true);
LoadData(RemoveRecordsSSCI, "RemoveRecordsSSCI", true);
	ClearCollect(TrialSetupData, 'SSCI Setup Info');SaveData(TrialSetupData, "TrialSetupData"),
	LoadData(TrialSetupData, "TrialSetupData", true))





From the feedback I received a new build should be coming within days.  I republished the app in our DEV environment and can see that the PowerApps build number has not changed.


We started seeing this issue appear in builds of our App published with other versions of PowerApps too.  


I'll let you know if I hear anything else.



It looks like build 2.0.8 has been released.  I don't know if PowerApps instances are updated at the same time / when you'll see the update.

Did it fix the issue for you?   I have the new build on my Android and it still says that there was a problem loading your data.  Oddly, I get the error in my Production instance but not my Development environment (for the same app that I copied to Production from Development).   



Unfortunately, it hasn't fixed the issue.  I'm also seeing that the app is crashing when it loads for some users now.


I tried to move the offending LoadData statements into other events than the OnStart event, but am seeing the same issue. 


I'll post further results / anything I find here. 

Advocate III
Advocate III

I received updated PowerApps release 2.0.811 on Android which seems to have resolved the issue.

My android is now updated to 2.0.811, but I'm still getting the same error "There was a problem loading your data" with an occasional "An unknown error has occurred" message.   The 2nd message is new.


I was also affected by the random crashes when opening the app, but I haven't seen it today.


Oddly, I am not getting the error at all in my Dev environment.   The Prod environment app is throwing the error (for the exact same app that I moved from Dev to Prod).  


I don't think they have it nailed yet.

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