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Advocate I

PowerApps - Connections will not delete - Allow / Don't Allow keeps coming back

I can't seem to get rid of orphan connections... There are no data souces used for these connections. In previous version of the app I was testing how to set up connects. Once I figured out how and what method I wanted to use I then removed the data sources and the connections for it. But they won't go away and it is keeping the connection I do need to use from being able to use it.


Each time I open the app I have to delete all the data souces and then re-connect to the SQL Server connection I actually do use.


I have tried everything from saving the app then re-importing it to see if that help. It doesn't...

I've tried deleting old versions of the app and only keeping the ones that use the connect I need. That doesn't work.

I've tried creating a new app and coping the objects (screens, buttons, etc.) to the new app but it won't allow me to do that either.


I can't have end-users removing data sources then adding them back in each time simply because of these orphan connections.


Dual Super User
Dual Super User

try removing the connection from the App and then also find that connection in the list of connections on the PowerApps site and remove it there as well.  Caution, make sure you've removed it from all the other PowerApps and Flows that are using it or you won't be able to delete it.

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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @sgregory ,

Could you please share a bit more about your issue?

Do you mean that you could not remove the connections from your app?


Based on the issue that you mentioned, I have made a test on my side, and don't have the issue that you mentioned.


Please consider remove the connection from the Connection List in your PowerApps web portal. More details about removing the connection from the Connection List, please check the following article:

On your side, please go to your PowerApps Web Portal, then click "Data" -> "Connections" -> find the connection you want to delete, click "Delete" option.


Please consider take a try with above solution, then check if the issue is solved. If the issue still exists, please consider clear cache of your browser, then try it again, then check if the issue is fixed.


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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I did that and it doesn't work... Hum... I thought maybe there was another trick to doing this?

Are there any other suggestions that I can try to get this resolved???

Advocate I
Advocate I

I am having the same issue, I am not using a connector in an app and every time I open the app it wants me to "Allow" it. 


The biggest issue is I can't click "Allow" because I can't sign into that connector, so I have to select "Don't Allow" which then knocks out the connectors I do want.




There has got to be a way to remove a connector?



Right, I have found a work around.

Export the app from power apps, comes down as a compressed folder (zip), extract the contents of the compressed folder (zip).


In the root of the folder you will find a "manifest.json"  in there is a "dependsOn":[] section, simply remove the unwanted parts.

Then under --> Microsoft.PowerApps --> apps --> {someID} --> {someID}.json . Open up the json file and look for the section 

"connectionReferences":{} again remove the unwanted parts, I removed all the connections.


Then save the modified files back the folder with the same names,then making sure the manifest.json file and Microsoft.PowerApps folder are in root, compress(zip) the folder back down. 


Import/Upload the compressed folder (zip) back into power apps. 



@RickDatel 's solution worked for me. One caveat I ran into though, in case someone else hits it, is that your re-upload may fail if you un-minify the JSON. I used Visual Studio to do that, and it gave me a generic useless "Something went wrong. Please try again later." error. 


To fix that, I used 7-zip to edit the minimized JSONs in archive. I used the VS copies of the JSONs to guide me in what to delete, but the editing was done by pressing F4 on the JSONs in 7-zip and editing them in the notepad that comes up. With some archives, I've found them not to re-pack right with the Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder method in File Explorer. This was one of them, in my case. I was able to re-upload with this method.

Frequent Visitor

And again I am stuck in one of those funny **bleep**ups with cached data connections in Flow / PowerApps. My app is also still listed as premium with a docparser connection I no longer use. Unfortunately @RickDatel workaround can´t be used as I am also unable to export my app due to deleted flows. 


This is incredibly annoying. I spent two entire working days in the last week on this and similar bugs like


Any idea on how to remove a connection which is no longer used and causes premium fees ? 

Frequent Visitor

My support ticket got resolved rather quickly, which I really appreciate. The bug still kind of persists though. These were the steps to partly resolve the issue: 


- Add the premium connector to the PowerApp directly (not only to a referenced flow as it was originally used)

- Remove the premium connector from the app 

- Save

- Reopen

- Save


This stops the App from asking the users to allow the premium connector. The app itself is still flagged as "premium" in the detail page of


The Support technician told me this was a known issue but should not affect the required licenses of the users. 


Best regards, 


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