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PowerApps - Connections will not delete - Allow / Don't Allow keeps coming back

I can't seem to get rid of orphan connections... There are no data souces used for these connections. In previous version of the app I was testing how to set up connects. Once I figured out how and what method I wanted to use I then removed the data sources and the connections for it. But they won't go away and it is keeping the connection I do need to use from being able to use it.


Each time I open the app I have to delete all the data souces and then re-connect to the SQL Server connection I actually do use.


I have tried everything from saving the app then re-importing it to see if that help. It doesn't...

I've tried deleting old versions of the app and only keeping the ones that use the connect I need. That doesn't work.

I've tried creating a new app and coping the objects (screens, buttons, etc.) to the new app but it won't allow me to do that either.


I can't have end-users removing data sources then adding them back in each time simply because of these orphan connections.


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I had the same issue with an Azure Key Vault-connection (AKV), which previously I had assigned two Power Automate-flows used within my canvas app. The problem was, that I had decided not to use the connection after a while - but the flows apparently kept referring to AKV. To get around the issue, I did the following:


- Opened the app (allowing it to connect to the Azure Key Vault-connection).

- Deleted the connections within the app to the two flows.

- Closed the app.

- Deleted the AKV-connection from the Power Apps-platform.

- Opened the app editor, and added the two flows again.


After this steps were completed, the connection reference to AKV no longer existed.

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I had this same issue, so I followed this below step to fix this issue.

i. after removing the unwanted connections, click Save As and store into local as XYZ.msapp instead of exporting into a package(since the export option didn't work because some of the flows were not found).

ii. Then import the .msapp into PowerApps and it will eliminate the removed connections.



Thanks Balaji,


That worked for me as well...........

Thanks Bala,

It's works. Just save local, than open and save one more time to cloud (replace old one) and all wrong connection to disappear. 


Thank you 😉

The issue was resolved by exporting the PowerApp Application... Doing a search to remove all connections. Importing the application back in... Then re-connecting all data sources again.

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