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PowerApps - Create a session picker -> calendar add with max 3 attendees

Hi Everyone,
I hope someone can help me with the following struggles that I have.
So I am trying to create an automated PowerApps for our ''1 to 2 sessions''
A small app where max 3 employees per session can choose an option and press a button to add to my calendar and theirs.
So the tricky part is that I need 3 people(attendees) to add the same Teams meeting link to there and my outlook calendar separately. 
As you can see in Picture 1 I'm trying things out (BTW I am not an experienced user) by creating a gallery that pulls information out of a SharePoint list that I created see Picture 2.
In the SharePoint list, I created 9 sessions over the year and I was thinking to add a static Teams meeting(URL) in their too(under the list tab ''Teams'') see Picture 2.  So if one of my employees chooses a session to attend, he/she needs to be added to the ''seats'' tab in the SharePoint list(Picture 2). After 3 seats being filled then those sessions need to disappear on the main page session calendar, see Picture 1.
I wanted also to have a confirmation page (Picture 3) with the actual button integrated over there. 
In Picture 4 you will see the ''OnSelect'' code that I have now.
It does definitely not do what I describe here but I am getting somewhere 📷.
I hope that someone can help me out with this. 






    LookUp(Office365Outlook.CalendarGetTables().value, DisplayName = "Agenda").Name, 
    DateAdd(Now(), TimeZoneOffset(), Minutes),
    DateAdd(Now() , 60 + TimeZoneOffset(), Minutes),

      "(UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna",
    {body:"Test text 
" & BrowseGallery1.Selected.Teams, IsHtml:true}








Again, not a professional 😀 , and in advance thank you for the reactions and effort. 



Picture 1:


Picture 2:




Picture 3:


Picture 4:



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No one 😓

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