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Advocate II
Advocate II

PowerApps Model-Driven App Freezes Permanently when using a view with a Related Entity Filter Bug

Ok, this seems to be something new that we've noticed since getting the 2021 Wave 2 enhancements.  Whenever we user a view (either in an entity list or in Advanced Find) and the filter contains a related entity the first view of the results works fine but when you go to change the filter the entire page freezes and becomes unresponsive permanently. 


You have to hard refresh the browser to get functionality back and then if you're in an unsaved view you have to re-enter the filter criteria all over again.


Is anyone else getting this issue?  We are pretty sure it's a new issue, and it's pretty bad in my opinion.  We've seen this happen in our own internal environments as well as in our client environments (in other MS tenancies) it happens on custom entities as well as on standard entities (account with related address filter, users with related sec roles filter) so we're pretty sure it's not something we introduced.


Is anyone else seeing this issue in their systems?  Cheers!


Edit: To be clear, the reason we consider this issue so serious isn't so much that we have to re-enter filter criteria but rather that the whole page becomes unresponsive and requiring a hard refresh.  Losing unsaved filter criteria is "nothing" compared to how bad having to "reboot" the page is.


Secondly, this issue doesn't require you to navigate away from the filter results list to the details page.  It happens when you are on a list, you then edit the filter criteria to include a related entity filter criteria, you retrieve results, and then you go back to attempt to edit filter criteria again.


Edit 2: The related support ticket number is: 2110140060003769

Advocate V
Advocate V
Advocate II
Advocate II

Ok, I had a freak out that it might be one of my plugins impacting this so I stood up a brand new environment without any customisations and it happens there too unfortunately.  So this is 100% a platform issue

Advocate II
Advocate II

Yes I'm experiencing the same across multiple environments with lots of annoying new bugs in Views

The biggest frustration is the loss of the filter setting when you navigate back from an open record

I've raised a ticket with MS support, haven't heard back yet.

This is urgent, one of our clients is trying to run their payroll from a View and can't pay their staff. I can do a work around in Power BI but shouldn't have to

We need to know the time frame for a bug fix

Advocate II
Advocate II

I've had feedback that the majority of these issues will be fixed this Friday through to Monday, possibly depending on the region but the filter settings being lost when you navigate back, could take up to 2 weeks

This is exactly the same issue we're getting.  Thanks for adding images!  It also happens on Advanced stuff.

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