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PowerApps Plan Change 2/1/2019

February 1, 2019 it states that the license structure will change for PowerApps and Flow.

I am just starting to develop in PowerApps and Flow against Microsoft SharePoint Online lists.  Currently I am using PowerApps and Flow for free.  I am using Flow as a recurrence to SharePoint Online when the day changes with the recurrence.  Also I am using Flow when a record is added to SharePoint Online with the item add and/or change.

I realise that when the Flow goes higher than 750 runs/month, I need to change to Flow Plan 1. Can I still use PowerApps and Flow free licenses if I am only going against SharePoint Online lists?  My major concern is the licensing for PowerApps.

In addition, if I want to start pulling data from SQL Server, is that a new license?  Also, is the higher license for the Developer or everyone who uses the data?

Thanks so much for your help.


Ok in the more detailed section it says the basic PowerApps for Office 365 plan has:





That to me says the basic plan can have cloud based connectivity AND on-prem connectivity - like SQL. So my company's E3 license will be able to use a SQL connector, without needed the Plan 1?

Thanks @rc for the additional detail:


@PaulD1 some clarifying content in the snippet above. Using the HTTP action card offered by the SharePoint connector (see screenshot) does not require the P1 license as it's within SharePoint.

You're right that using the HTTP action card to access other data sources like Cognitive Services will require P1 going forward, however the spirit of this move is not to monetize gaps in functionality that should be included in Office. Any gaps in the current connectors, especially in Office 365 data sources, should be resolved in the connectors themselves so that the broadest possible set of users can take advantage of them without having to use the more advanced HTTP triggers. This is part of why there is a long extension to current users of these features to make sure we can properly close gaps.


It would be much more reassuring to just make it so that any HTTP call to any Microsoft Service does not require the additional licensing costs. After all, if we are accessing an MS Service (such as Cognitive services) we are already paying for that service via Azure. There seems to be a significant lag between new features being added to services and those features being exposed in the relevant Flow actions, so 'properly closing the gaps' is a continually moving target.

I would also like to see an alternate 'per use' option made available - an example, we have deployed an app which uses HTTP calls to Google translate (as Bing translate does not cover all the languages we need) - it will likely only be used occassionally. It would be good to have an option to pay per call (instead of the blanket extra cost per user regardless of how much the feature is used).

Check the footnote. It says

2 On-premises connectivity is not available for Office 365 Business, Office 365 Enterprise E1 or Office 365 F1 SKUs.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hello Guys, how is it going? I am new Power Apps user and I choose the Comunity Plan. My question is:


>> Can I create an app and use it in my mobile or tablet? Or this plan is just for training and learn at the web page?



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