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PowerApps - Use Gallery to display tables in a Spreadsheet

PowerApps - Use Gallery to display tables in a Spreadsheet

i have an app with 6 tables in a singular spreadsheet. i want to list the tables and then using that gallery i want to select a table, and have another gallary show records from ony that table, and then i want to be able to edit the records from the list of records.


However, I only want to have 1 edit form and 1 gallery to display table records.

IE. i want the forms and gallarys to change their data dynamically as the tables have different column headers.


do i need to create a sub table for each table with column header names as records so that i can pull out the correct names for labels in the form or is there an easier way of doing it.



pic1.pngpic2.pngI shall attach some screenshots to this to help explain.


Both Images are a gallery from one table and an edit for for that table.

the edit form uses the passed in record but if i want to make the app dynamic. the table headers are different for each table and i cant figure out how to chnage labels etc if a different table is used so that the right data is pulled through rather than empty fields since those headers dont exist on another table




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Re: PowerApps - Use Gallery to display tables in a Spreadsheet


Jack, this is not something that is possible in PowerApps.  In order for the EditForms to work properly, they must be tied to their datasource and stay that way.  Galleries are pretty much the same way.

A Gallery you have a little more control over as you can base it on a dynamic collection or other shaped data.  However it always has to maintain that "signature" - meaning that you can't change all of it's columns with a different source of data without issues.  You'll see when working with Galleries that you use the "ThisItem.someColumn" to utilize the data in the datasource of the Gallery.  So, being able to change that dynamically is not an option.

You could, however, go generic - if your data is conducive to it, you could have a generic collection of records with columns like "item", "value", etc and then populate those records based on the table you want (i.e. your original logic).  The Gallery can then work off of those columns alone and can be set to dynamically adjust based on the values or table selected.


HOWEVER, this is far from an option for the EditForm.  It has way too many "moving parts" to make this happen.  You could do the generic approach on them as well, but there are a LOT of things you will have to account for - plus, the designer will always warn that you are not connected to a data source.

Instead, you might consider creating your own Edit Form that could be generic and dynamic.  It will be some work, but less work than trying to make an EditForm do that.


Sorry it's not a direct "here's how you do it" because you really can do it easily, but I hope this is helpful for you in determining the next step of your App design.

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