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PowerApps & Chrome - Blurr

When I pull up my Power App form in Chrome the form font/text is blurry. In the screenshot below the left screenshot is from Edge, the right is from Chrome (blurred).


I have tried the following to resolve the issue:

  1. Viewed the form in Internet Explorer and it displayed just fine.
  2. Had another user view in IE, Edge, and Chrome. Chrome is still blurry.
  5. Cleared Cache













It seems that Chrome is the issue.


Any insight on how to resolve?



Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

When I have this type of problem I look at CSS.


Edge Text



Chrome Text



Edge CSS



Chrome CSS



As you can see Edge CSS explicitely sets alpha value to 100%.  Chrome CSS doesn't set it.  I'm not sure what the default level is.  I suspect it is not 100%.  It looks faded to me.     

My goodness, this was a revelation to me!  I've pretty much been using Chrome exclusively with PowerApps, so had no idea that using a different browser would help.  But it does - Firefox renders the UI so much sharper than Chrome!  Disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome as recommended by @dods did the trick for me too - thanks.


That said, PowerApps is the only platform I've encountered that has this problem in Chrome...

Same issue here... apps designed only for desktop use (with smaller text, etc.) are very noticeably blurry in Chrome but look nice and sharp in IE.

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This is a HUGE problem. MS stuff, can you please respond what is causing this? So please reply, we want to know.



Because this literally makes their platform look bad in the world's most popular browser, one would think they would want to address this in a meaningful way.

...and presumably when Microsoft Edge switches to using Chromium as its rendering engine "under the hood", it may well end up with the same problem!

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@v-xida-msft, what's going on? Robot Indifferent

@mogulman @Interlock @PhilD @Anonymous Blurry fonts in Chrome is a known issue when GPU rendering is enabled and multiple GPU compositing layers are created via CSS properties like transform, etc.  In some cases, adding (or removing) an additional compositing layer underneath the text layer can help alleviate the blurriness.  


In the current situation, a recent optimization removed one of these GPU compositing layers from underneath the text layer and has caused a regression in the level of blurriness.  A fix has already been identified and is expected to be deployed worldwide by end of next week.  I will post an update to this thread when the deployment is complete.

@mogulman @Interlock @PhilD @Anonymous The fix for blurry fonts in Chrome has been deployed worldwide with release 3.19012.  Please edit and republish your apps for the changes to take effect.

I made a change to an app, saved and published it, and verified that the Live version of my app is now 3.19012.19.  But alas, I'm not seeing any improvement on the blurry fonts in Chrome.




The one on the left is from Chrome, and the one on the right from Edge.


Would be interested to hear how others are finding it on the new version.

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