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Advocate V
Advocate V

PowerApps and Refreshing of Data, Resret of Gallery and Data in SQL Azure

Quite a few questions on data refreshing in PowerApps using SQL Server Azure:


We are using Views and Tables in our PowerApps App.

We use Views to display data only.

We use tables to write data. Two methods, to write data: Patch statements, or Flow to execute a stored procedure.

After data is patched to the Table from PowerApps or via Flow, is it always necessary to Refresh the View to access the most up-to-date data, if that data was changed within the same specific Browser session?


Is it a correct assumption that it is not necessary to refresh the table that the view is based upon? Is that correct, or is it also necessary to refresh the table, too?


Of course, we want to minimize any manual or forced refreshes, as these can be timeconsuming.


It seems like refreshing (at least the views) is required for the most up to date data, even if that data was patched from the same browser session.


In addition, it seems as though the gallery (if it’s datasource is a view that has had data changed) must also be reset.

I’ve been experimenting with the following:


UpdateContext({vSC: ServiceCall_Gallery.Selected.Service_Call_ID});


PA_Approval.Run("ASM Approve","No Equip Id", 0, ServiceCall_Gallery.Selected.Service_Call_ID, Mid(Lower(User().Email), 1,(Find("@",User().Email)-1)), Now(),0);


Refresh(Filter('[dbo].[vwFTM_Service_Call_All_iPad]', Service_Call_ID=vSC));






It would be great if: Refresh(Filter('[dbo].[vwFTM_Service_Call_All_iPad]', Service_Call_ID=vSC));


Would actually work, since the refresh could be contained to a specific record, or small group of records thereby improving refresh performance. Syntatically it works in PowerApps, but functionally, it does not appear to work. It seems like a full refresh of the view is required: Refresh('[dbo].[vwFTM_Service_Call_All_iPad]');


Does anyone have thoughts on this?


Additionally, Is it necessary to refresh the tables and the view when on the OnStart Event of opening the app ? Thinking that this is not necessary, that PowerApps manages this by itself.


And lastly, when design of either the views or tables change, is it necessary to do a manual refresh, or does PowerApps handle this? If so when does it manage changes automatically?


Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

From my experience I just kickoff the refresh they are fast enough it doesn’t matter much. However if you want performance I’ve always double patched. Once to the data source and again to a local collection where my view is. But I do don’t know how your data looks. Pretty sure the whole datasets get refreshed when it auto does it anyway and collections will be the fastest and auto update. But maybe someone more expert comes and chimes in but that’s how I’ve been doing mine.
Advocate V
Advocate V

Microsoft, do you have responses to these questions ?


It's helpful to know these questions for all of us.


Thank you

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adding in @GregLi to review. 



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