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PowerApps button to trigger Flow doesn't work for users

I've created a simple app in PowerApps and want to have that app trigger a flow when a user clicks on a button in the app (similar to what’s described in this video). When I, the creator of the app and flow, click on the button in PowerApps, it works exactly as intended. However, when other users click on the button, PowerApps throws an error (see attached image PowerAppErrorBar.png). The error seems to be occurring within PowerApps since it doesn’t look like Flow even registers the request (no record shows up in Flow at all). I’ve given full edit access in both PowerApps and Flow to multiple users, but this hasn’t resolved the issue.


It seems like the problem might be with the connector in PowerApps. One of users took a screenshot showing that the data source for the connection to Flow was listed as "Not connected" (see attached image "PowerAppsDataSourceNotConnected"). This is not what I see as the creator of the app (see attached image "PowerAppsDataSourceConnected"). The users have accepted the connections that they're prompted with at the start, and I've been able to have users successfully send emails through the PowerApps Office365.SendEmail function, so I'm not sure why a connection is not being established for this particular connector.


Any idea why the PowerApps button doesn't trigger the flow for my users? Is there something I need to do to enable the connector for them? I've read numerous forum posts on this topic, but none seem to deal with the problem I'm experiencing. Also, if it's any use, we're on a GCC tenant. 


Let me know if there's any other information I can provide.

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Hello @Pstork1 and @Jeff_Thorpe ,


I'm getting the same issue but my app is throwing a HTTP error with code 0 and the flow doesn't register that the user even attempted to trigger the flow. Do you think I should send in a support ticket as well? My flow is a bit more complex than described here.


I'm running an embedded powerapp in a powerbi dashboard that uses the app to dimension out a user table for the powerbi dashboard. In the app the button will trigger a flow to kickoff a switch function and when the switch variable equals success it goes to a sharepoint fold and grabs a file and sends the file back to the user via email. This works perfectly for me but not for my users.




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Hello. I have spent a full day on this issue as this happened to me. I tried everything.

Here is how I fixed:

1) export the app (export package)
2) in export screen select create as new for the flows and Canvas app
3) go to the apps tab > New > Import package
4) change names of everything in the import screen
5) after import, in the edit app studio screen check to make sure the flows that are associated with your app are the new ones. If not remove the flow and re add / map parameters.

I hope this helps anyone experiencing this issue.


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After submitting a ticket to Microsoft, it was discovered that this was a bug in GCC and has since been resolved. 

View solution in original post

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I am facing the same issue.

I created a powerapp and within the app is a button that sends an email for approval.

The PowerApps button triggers a flow when the owners and co owners click on it, but when a user clicks on it , the data gets submitted to the SP list but there is no email that is sent out.

what could be the reason for this ?

Please post this as a seperate thread.  Its not exactly the same issue being discussed here and you'll get a better answer in its own thread.

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I had this exact same issue.

To fix:
I deleted the Flow associated with the Canvas app which was not triggering as expected for Users and re-imported it with "Create as new".


However, no idea what changed to cause this issue.  No error message found anywhere, the Flow just doesn't Run for Users of the app. But did run for me, as Owner. Replicated across multiple environments.



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