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Helper IV

PowerApps caching views

I've got a PowerApps application built on a SharePoint list.  When the application loads, it runs a Flow to determine SharePoint group membership and sits at a "Please Wait" screen while that runs.  Once completed, the form logic will display a form screen determined by the Status column in the SharePoint list.


Here is what is happening.  When I go to the list and click "NEW," the form loads, runs the Flow, and then sends the form to the "NEW" screen.  I complete the form and submit it.  After the submission is complete, I immediately click "NEW" again.  At this stage, the Flow does not seem to run and the "Please Wait" screen is skipped - the form goes right to the "NEW" view.  It's as if the rules in the OnStart parameter of the App are being skipped  - almost like the previous view was cached.


Any thoughts?   I want the rules in the OnStart event of the App to run EVERY time.



Super User
Super User

OnStart only runs the code once when the app is intially opened. If you want the logic to run every time the NEW button is clicked why not copy the code from OnStart and use it in the buttons OnSelect as well.

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The New button is the embedded New button in the SharePoint list's ribbon.  I can't control that.


If I click that new button, fill out a form, and a submit closes the form, then why isn't it running the OnStart event again when I launch the app? 

The app is considered started when you click the New button on your SP List for the first time and is not considered closed until you navigate away from the list in your browser window.

Put the code in the OnVisible property of your screen instead. I was wrong about putting in the button (I did not know it was an SP button I thought it was PowerApps).

Also you should consider checking if the form is in NEW mode before executing code:


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Thanks, I appreciate the help.  Would this issue still be present if I tried to convert this to a Canvas app?   Also, is the order of operations for rules on a SharePoint List PowerApp as follows?


1. App OnStart

2. SharePoint Integration

3. Individual screen rules

If you convert to a canvas app you will not have this issue.

Yes, I believe you are correct about the order operations. You could also try putting your code in the OnNew property of the SharePoint Integration. That would work!

You've been a great help.  I'm still having issues but hopefully I'll find time to resolve them this week.


Is there any guidance on converting a PowerApps List Form to Canvas App?  For anyone who has done it, how long does it generally take? 


Unfortunately, you must start over again to convert from list form to canvas app.  See the relevant forum post below.


Link To Relevant Forum Post


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Thanks so much for your help.  I'm on the right track and think I have a fix.  I just need to do some more regression testing tomorrow, as the form is very complex and the fixes I implemented were pretty substantial.

I wish you didn’t have to do so much work but at least it sounds like you are in a good spot now. Let me know how the regression testing goes tomorrow

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