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Helper IV

PowerApps caching views

I've got a PowerApps application built on a SharePoint list.  When the application loads, it runs a Flow to determine SharePoint group membership and sits at a "Please Wait" screen while that runs.  Once completed, the form logic will display a form screen determined by the Status column in the SharePoint list.


Here is what is happening.  When I go to the list and click "NEW," the form loads, runs the Flow, and then sends the form to the "NEW" screen.  I complete the form and submit it.  After the submission is complete, I immediately click "NEW" again.  At this stage, the Flow does not seem to run and the "Please Wait" screen is skipped - the form goes right to the "NEW" view.  It's as if the rules in the OnStart parameter of the App are being skipped  - almost like the previous view was cached.


Any thoughts?   I want the rules in the OnStart event of the App to run EVERY time.




I've found a couple of additional issues that I'm working to resolve.   I think I know the answer to this question, but I'll ask - is there any way to force a browser refresh on form submit?  I think that would resolve many of these issues.


You cannot refresh the browser but you can refresh a datasource




Yeah, I've got data source refreshes happening already.   I'll summarize my current issue:


1. User opens new form, completes fields, and submits.

2. User immediately opens new form, completes fields, and tries to submit again.  The submit doesn't happen - no errors, nothing.


I have the submit being fired off of a timer after the button click, as we were having performance issues which the timer resolved.  I found that the variables controlling the timer persisted across #1 and #2 above, so I set the timer variable to false in the OnVisible attribute and that resolved that issue.  Still troubleshooting why it isn't submitting the seccond time - I think that's the only issue remaining and I think I'll be able to resolve it.


I did think about possibly using Launch to launch the list view again on submit, but that could get out of hand really fast with a bunch of tabs.


If I had it to do over, I would've used canvas apps to build these 2 apps.


Agreed, Canvas apps seems like they they were the way to go here.  But you gotta build apps to learn lessons, right?  At least that's what happens for me...

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