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PowerApps customize form not loading

Hi Everyone!

I have created a form using PowerApps customize form feature. when I click New in the sharepoint list the form keeps loading but the content doesn't appear!



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I also seem to be having this issue. Was not doing this before the update.



To try and see and what might be causing the error I restored the App to version 3.18041.20 which is the last working version of the app. The app worked perfectly without the error "An entry is required or has an invalid value. Please correct and try again. powerapps".


After restoring I added only a label control to the app and published which took on version 3.18042.26. When you click save it gives the error. It seems like a bug that may be causing this.

We have seen it too


There is another thread going here on this regarding the latest webplayer





I'm still seeing the issue after republishing the form through power apps. 

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Thanks for the rollback suggestion.  I was able to rollback to the most current version I had before 3.18042.20, which in some cases was version 3.18041.20 and in some cases 3.18033.2 and it is working now.  Seems like version 3.18042.20 is where things start to go awry for me.

@digvijayctex - Can you please clarify which issue are you still facing? I ask because there are multiple issues being discussed in this thread.


The issue which says "An entity is required.." is still being investigated by our team. 

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"An entry is required" is the problem that I am still facing, it seems to have been introduced somewhere between version 3.18041.20 (not throwing the error) and 3.18042.20 (throwing the error).

Thanks for the response @JDP. We are actively investigatint that one, it is really tricky timing/race condition and that's why it is taking us longer to fix.


CC: @miglisic 

@sarafankit - I was still facing the "not loading problem" when i had posted that comment, but it was fixed sometime later. I guess it just takes some time for changes to take effect after publishing.


But I still have the "An entity is required problem." Moreover, I was facing this problem before the 'Not loading problem'. 


What I had was, after hitting save it would give me the "An entity is required..." error, but if I open the same record and hit save again without clicking on anything else it would save the record. 


Now though, it keeps on giving the error without saving. 


Just giving more information here:

I had "not loading problem in 2 of my lists. One list is just for viewing, there is no edit or new form in it. Other one has both edit and view, without a new form. 


I had this "an entry is required.. " in another list, but i was able to fix it by recreating the forms. 

Thanks for the detailed explaination @digvijayctex.


We are actively working on the "an entity is required.." problem. Sorry for the trouble it has been causing to all of you.

The problem submitting a custom form (with the "An entry is required or has an invalid value. Please correct and try again.") should now be resolved. You will need to republish your custom form for it to take up the fix. Please let us know if that doesn't help.


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