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PowerApps customize form not loading

Hi Everyone!

I have created a form using PowerApps customize form feature. when I click New in the sharepoint list the form keeps loading but the content doesn't appear!



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I believe this isssue is not resolved. I created an app and only certain people from my organization are able to loaded. We have from 150-200 users and they are no able to loaded.

If you have a SessionId we can take a look at your specific issue. Otherwise I would strongly suggest to open a ticket with our support team so that we can get your issue tracked and addressed appropriately. (See "Create support ticket" button at the bottom of the page).

Thanks and regards


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Hi davidme. I contacted MS Suppot a while back after I posted this, and they told me that PowerApps is not optimized for anything but Edge and IE. Unfortunately, that means that until it is optimized, I can't really use it. I went back to using SPD 2013 and classic pages for this project.

Hi Lisa,


Do you have a SR# related to that messaging you received? That doesn't sound right, as PowerApps definitely supports browsers other than Edge and IE (and I certainly wouldn't suggest IE if performance is a primary concern for you, since Edge should produce significantly better results). What browser type were you inquiring about? Here are some links that might help:


Hope that helps!





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Hi davidme. I believe the case number (unless I confused it with another support ticket) is 118101619233238, from 10/16/2018. The support person I spoke to did not give me the links below, and he told me that others had complained and it was in the pipeline to optimize. Now I am confused (also frustrated) as to why he would have told me that based on your response below. It's too late to go back to PowerApps for the current project (on which I lost significant time trying to make work), but I would like to be able to use PowerApps in the future. The problem I had is that when I opened a SP custom form, built directly from the list, in Chrome, the data would fail to load, see attached. My Chrome is up to date, Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit), but I was never able to access the form in Chrome, only in IE and Edge. (We still need to use IE because some of our older SP sites that haven't been migrated don't play well with Edge or Chrome.) Unfortunately, since I thought it was a done deal, I deleted the custom forms and customized the OOB form in SPD. 

@Lisa309, we actually had a bug in Chrome where the form failed to load around the time you had the ticket. We have since then fixed it.


It only impacted users who had third party cookies blocked.

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Thanks cherie! Good to know it's functioning now. I'll try again with another project.



The link to create a support ticket isnt working. 

Is there an updated one?

Hi there @Ops_Support,


I'm sorry you are having issues creating a support ticket. I just tested out the link at the bottom of the page at, and it created a ticket successfully. Can you please provide more details on the problem you are having or errors you are seeing? Have you tried In-Private/Incognito?


I'm not aware of any alternative way to file a support ticket.



-David Messner




The link worked now for me. 


I submitted a ticket 118111919360522 for my issue. Extensive loading times on mobile devices.  iPad pro and iPad. [MDQDA2LL/A & NGL12LL/A]


I have many apps published and this is the worst for the simplest app ive created. 



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