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PowerApps error when workflow is run "InvokerConnectionOverrideFailed" on Sharepoint

I have a Sharepoint custom form in PowerApps. In the OnSuccess of the form it's calling a workflow in Power Automate when a new Sharepoint list item is created. As the main owner of the workflow I was able to successfully run the workflow with no issues upon creation of new item, however when a different users is creating an item the workflow doesn't seem to run and I got this error message "ApprovalWorkflow.Run failed: { "code": "InvokerConnectionOverrideFailed", "message": "Failed to parse invoker connections from trigger 'manual' outputs. Exception: Could not find any valid connection for connection reference name 'shared_sharepointonline' in APIM tokens header." }". I already tried removing the workflow from the app and adding it again but i'm still getting the same error. The workflow uses an Approval, Sharepoint and Outlook connection.
I also tried saving a copy of the workflow and removing the old workflow from the powerapps and adding the new one. But I'm still getting the same error for other users (except me). One thing I notice when a new user accesses the app the prompt for permission is only for Approvals and Outlook, there was no prompt for Sharepoint permission.
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I have the same issue on an new app im developing. My test app with the same connection to the sql stored procedure is still working just not in my new app. Have created a new Flo and reconected. It all works on the studio just not on my mobile or in the Powerapps Runtime on PC.

I sorted it by creating a new flo. Removed all the flow fom the app. saved the app closed the browser. reopened and added the new flow and tested on phone. now it works. Hope i dont have this issue in my production app!!

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Same here... 

tried all suggested Solution

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This might help. It didn't for me though 😞

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Really good explanation of what's likely going on behind the scenes, solution didn't work for me either :'( I'm hoping Microsoft will acknowledge this problem so it can be resolved soon...

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Same thing happened to me, all of a sudden it just started failing. I have tried all the things that everyone else has tried. Rebuilding, etc. MS needs to comment!

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Advocate I

Same thing is happening to me. I have opened a support ticket with Microsoft. The engineer explained that Microsoft are aware of the issue and it was caused by an update that took place last week. We went through the following steps:

  • Remove all Flow connections from PowerApps and add them again (Repeat for every step listed).
  • Delete all email steps within the Flow and recreate.
  • Delete all Office 365 Group steps within the Flow and recreate.
  • Change the connections to the email steps to a different account.
  • Use the "Save As" feature for the Flow and rename. Delete the Flows from PowerApps, then add back into PowerApps.
  • Update PowerApps.
  • Delete the PowerApp trigger within the Flow and reset variables.

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to resolve the issue as yet. What region are you from? The engineer mentioned that other UK users have been affected by the issue.


I have managed to fix the issue :

More testing required. Microsoft, please provide an easy way to tidy connections!

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Edit II:


Opened up the PowerApp studio today and noticed that all of my flows had been disconnected since yesterday. I removed them and re-added them and it is now working without issue... Not sure exactly what was happening but i'm assuming Microsoft has been busy making some internal changes to the Power Automate platform the last little while. Hopefully everyone's is up and running again!

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Had the same issue, only in the published app on a phone, in the editor it dit work.
The fix was to open powerapps on the device, when choosing between apps press on the (i) icon.

Her you get to see the allowed connectoins. press on the three dots ... and press change account. I had multiple connections because of previous attempts to fix it, when selecting an other is worked. 

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