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PowerApps error when workflow is run "InvokerConnectionOverrideFailed" on Sharepoint

I have a Sharepoint custom form in PowerApps. In the OnSuccess of the form it's calling a workflow in Power Automate when a new Sharepoint list item is created. As the main owner of the workflow I was able to successfully run the workflow with no issues upon creation of new item, however when a different users is creating an item the workflow doesn't seem to run and I got this error message "ApprovalWorkflow.Run failed: { "code": "InvokerConnectionOverrideFailed", "message": "Failed to parse invoker connections from trigger 'manual' outputs. Exception: Could not find any valid connection for connection reference name 'shared_sharepointonline' in APIM tokens header." }". I already tried removing the workflow from the app and adding it again but i'm still getting the same error. The workflow uses an Approval, Sharepoint and Outlook connection.
I also tried saving a copy of the workflow and removing the old workflow from the powerapps and adding the new one. But I'm still getting the same error for other users (except me). One thing I notice when a new user accesses the app the prompt for permission is only for Approvals and Outlook, there was no prompt for Sharepoint permission.
Additional details

I also have the same issue.

We still facing the same issue. We have tried below steps.

- removed and re-add the Flow in the Form - Not works for me

- don't know how to redo sharepoint connection - please provide steps if you can

- we tried to save flow as new copy and when tried to add this new flow, we are facing the same issue.


Please help to fix this issue.

we encountered that error when my colleague  else added an SP action using his connection, while the rest of the actions are using my connection. It was resolved when I removed the action added by my colleague and replaced it with a new action using my connection.

Hi @edajua , this sounds similar to a current issue we are having as our app is an exp/imp of the original as we were having trouble with adding our flow again to the original so had to exp/imp.


Users who aren't owners are also the ones experiencing the issues and when they try to kick off the flow it is breaking the trigger. 


Did you get a fix for this? thanks

I'm having the same issue for a very complex Flow. Everything is working fine except for the "Send an email" actions due to this error. I really, really do not want to redo the 30 or so Flow steps into a new Flow because of this idiot error.


Man, does Power Apps / Power Automate ever suck with issues like this with no resolutions other than redoing everything. Does M$ even test these products? Gracious. 😠


Steve in Spain

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Is there any solution to this issue? I am still having the exact same problem.

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Is there a solution for this yet? It seems this functionality does not work at all. I have tried all points mentioned here and also given owner rights to other users for the flow. Does this actually work at all? The "power" platform certainly is frustrating.


Same with me here:

Flow works fine, when app executed from Browser (while in creation mode), also when flow is test-triggered from within the flow-designer.

on Neither mobile device when the flow is called it works and throws this error ...


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Hi, had a call with MS and got to the bottom of it.


When flow is added to PowerApp e.g. a button, the PowerApp stores a "definition" of the flow (i.e. what it needs to run - inputs, outputs, and connections that it will need to run the actions in it). When you change a flow, PowerApp needs to refresh its definition of the flow and normally re-adding it to the button is enough. But if you have added actions requiring a connection e.g. Create SharePoint List Item, then even though you may have other actions using the same sharepoint connection that worked before, you might get this error because the new action needs to be given a connection from power app at run time. Re-adding the flow to the button doesn't trigger PowerApp to fully refresh its definition of the changed flow. It will know about inputs and outputs changing but not that it needs to supply a connection for another action. One way to trigger PowerApp to fully refresh the definition of the flow is to edit the new SharePoint action in flow and add a new connection to it. Then when you re-add it to the button in PowerApp it will fully refresh its definition of the flow and will recognise that it needs to supply the connection to more actions at run time.


It's very clunky and i hope MS fixes this.

Advocate I
Advocate I

@Anonymous, Great post, this helped me crack the issue.


"One way to trigger PowerApp to fully refresh the definition of the flow is to edit the new SharePoint action in flow and add a new connection to it."


To add to this, hopefully it will help other users. Go through all the steps in your flow and change who the connection runs under (ellipsis > connections). You will then need to open your PowerApp in edit mode and delete the connection to the Flow. Take a backup of any code in the button and add the Flow back into the button and save and publish.





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