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PowerApps form not opening from Sharepoint List



We have an issue in our PowerApps from yesteday . We have a sharepoint list and we are using a PowerApp form in the list. Now, when we clicked "New" button , PowerApps form is not opening. 

I have tried republishing the app , but that dosent work .

Session ID: 532e6c9e-e9ba-49ee-bafc-be0787c13b13
PowerApps 3.19092.12


Can anyone plesae help?




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Thanks for the update frankzinck. I can confirm that the customized forms now work for me as well. However, another issue I have identified remains, still breaking the functionality for me. I suspect it has the same root cause as it again breaks only in "Modern" SharePoint:


After enabling content approval for items and creating new items, those have their "Approval Status" set as Pending. If the person responsible goes through the approval process and approves the item, the status is momentarily set to "Approved". However, a few moments later, that is reverted back to "Pending" automatically by SharePoint, for no particular reason. This breaks the approval functionality completely. This issue does not happen in "Classic" mode, however...



Hi All,


Now it's working.   looks like  MS has fixed this issue.

Seems like it is working here too now… thanks!

Problem is still there in our case. Once a column is formatted with JSON, the customized form will not open.

That sucks...... ours is working now. The engineer told me that developers were working on the issue and started to roll out the fix the other night. I would submit a ticket.

Hi Guys,


Again same issue ...


Now its not working even in IE.. forms, Sorting, filter.


@Ms: Please consider this on priority I have raised the ticket but no resolution till now.





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This is now happening for us. Previously when we used the "Customize with Power Apps" to make changes, the new Power Apps form would fire when we select "New" in the SharePoint List". Now it just fires the standard SharePoint form. The Power App form also has the Edit option greyed-out.

This is yet another example of Power Apps being painful for anyone trying to create apps with it. I'm assuming it will magically start working in a day or so, but I can't build that sort of random delay into our deployment process.

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